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Newp. Never was the cases for me. I nursed through two full pregnancies and a third that I miscarried. Esther Ro will nurse for a couple of seconds now before wandering off (but I'm not producing milk). I always have horrid morning sickness.
I'm not against these things either, though my own miscarriage scared me back in the opposite direction (I do want a doppler, though). It's just that I'm not used to routine early ultrasounds on MDC, you know? It's nice that there are still a few of us here doing things in the weird old way.
Yep, UP/UC here. I'm a bit allergic to all the early ultrasounds going on.
I don't need anything of the sort, but I've gotta say the name Badger Basket amuses me greatly.
Quote: No, it matters now, because I find it offensive. Also, they do twice weekly BPP and placental scans starting at 40wks 3 days, and these are "mandatory". If I don't comply, I am dropped from their care. If you don't like the way they practice, then why, pray tell, are you their patient?
Oh, that sucks. I hope you get good news, and your theory about the 41 weeks+ births may well be sound. It makes sense--as they say, every baby grows at its own pace. Even before birth.
Yeah, I'm taking at least a 2hr nap every day I can get away with it, and going to sleep an hour earlier. If I could swing it, I'd nap between classes too. I think this tiredness is standard for me, but I'm not positive.
Quote: Originally Posted by sioleabha I was underweight (5'6" and about 120, pre-pregnancy) when I got pregnant the first time. Now I am a little heavier (I currently weigh 140, though a month ago I was 150!!) and have a bit of a pooch and a "shelf" from my c-sections. To me, I don't think it has made a difference as far as how soon I show. I can tell that I am pregnant almost right away (that was my first clue last time -- I looked down and thought,...
My experience is that people see what they expect to see. Folks looking at me think "fat woman" not "pregnant woman." Out of three kids so far, I only looked pregnant to strangers at about week 32 with my third. Of course, to those who knew me, I looked pregnant much sooner--but I've personally never showed early. The enlarging uterus just seems to rearrange the pudge.
I just posted a picture of my positive test on Facebook. Being that this came a few minutes after changing my relationship status to "married", it had an electrifying effect. This is how I announced it to the blogosphere, which I thought was pretty darned clever: http://trailerparkparadise.blogspot....ther-news.html
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