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Well, I went to the Central Library today and to the bathroom down on the first floor and realized that that was where I was when I made the fateful decision to go to the hospital across the street and see someone about my spotting. I am not...I don't know how to phrase it. I am not pessimistic, but I am not going to be entirely calm until I am past the point where I lost the last baby. I am re-living that last pregnancy psychologically and emotionally. Because of all...
Quote: Originally Posted by 1*Lucky*Mama My 1st BFP at 9dpo was soooo faint, and then I took another 3 days later and it was super dark. Id just wait a few days and it will be darker. Also wanted to add, pregnancy tests dont tell you how pregnant you are by the shade, it just tells you that you are pregnant by the appearance of the 2nd line. Yep, quantitative, not qualitative.
I have four positive tests. Three of them with *very* pale lines. Yesterday's with a pretty dark one--but still not as dark as the control line, which is honestly what I'm used to with my + tests. Repeat after me: a line is a line, no matter how faint.
Yeah, I know the worry too. I can't take anything for granted with this pregnancy, and I am paranoid and, since I had my m/c relatively late, I have a long ways to go before I'm past the point where I lost the baby. 3sweetsurprises, I have similar worries about walking. I had my m/c in part after I started having to do a lot of walking...and my car is dead now which means there is a lot of walking in my future--even with my mom taking the girls to school Tuesdays and...
Oh, Nanette, I am sorry to hear that!
Congrats! I was hoping you'd be here.
Quote: But they're bigger now that when I was pg with him because he's still nursing so I don't know if they're any bigger or not.. They'll get bigger. Three kids in four years took me from a DDD to a J.
Oh, this is going to be #4 in a car seat. Even my oldest is still in a belt-positioning booster. She's too short not to be!
MamaFern, it sounds like you're already more than halfway there. It's definitely a lot easier to do things yourself than decline unneeded tests--I got into an argument with a doctor once about that! (Well, actually, I've gotten into a lot of arguments with doctors...) I'm now wondering what DF's family will have to say...I'm thinking it won't be too hard to keep on the DL. I'm starting a pregnancy/baby blog, and I'll probably post about prenatal care there without...
This is going to be my fourth, too. DF and I plan on at least two more after this one. My family already knows I'm crazy--I've been talking about having a whole bunch of kids pretty much forever. I dunno about his family; offhand I don't know of anyone who has more than three kids. But family is a big deal with them, so I'm hoping they'll be good. And, well, once we get married they'll all be five hours away. In general, I don't anticipate too much trouble. San...
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