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It was never a conscious decision. I determined while pregnant that I would breastfeed, but beyond that didn't think about it. Certainly never thought about stopping. I was already active here on MDC by the time my eldest was born, so I guess from that extended nursing seemed totally normal to me.
Quote: Originally Posted by library lady There are a lot of towns in Texas that fit your criteria. Yep, San Antonio is one of them. $125K will get you a good house just about anywhere in this city short of one of the country clubs.
The older two sleep together, and the baby (2 years old) sleeps with me. When they're with Daddy, each has her own bed. He's said he would have the smallest sleep with him, but he doesn't want to risk getting in trouble for it. (Some people have issues with opposite-sex cosleeping.)
I don't think I've ever called anyone by the wrong name for a long time, though it's a longstanding joke between my best friend and I that he was forced to answer to "Hey, you!" for the first few years of our friendship because I couldn't remember his name. I do also frequently call my daughters by the wrong name. We joke that I'm going to rename them all Mary, so I'm sure to get it right!
Quote: Originally Posted by zinemama I would start by knocking on their door and asking them to turn it down. Not by going to the police. I've actually been advised by the police to not do that, but to call them.
Check out Bev's Country Cottage: http://www.bevscountrycottage.com/baby.html Here are some of the patterns I can vouch for personally: http://www.bevscountrycottage.com/preemieround.html This is the pattern I used as a starting point in '07 when I did 40 Hats in 40 Days for Lent, an idea I got in this forum. It uses a smallish hook, but worsted weight yarn, and the hats work up fast. http://www.bevscountrycottage.com/bevsbooties2.html With this pattern and the one...
I'm not seeing any free patterns for baby moccasins, just some for sale. Here's a pattern for sale on Etsy: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php...ng_id=12287110 (Check the picture & see if it looks like the one your friend made.) Here's a free pattern for felted moccasins: http://www.dandeliondreamers.com/infantmocs.htm Here are a couple of pages with links to different patterns; I didn't go through them...
Quote: Originally Posted by sapphire_chan Gobsmacked indeed. Sheesh, my little brother and I got our first gun safety training when we pointed our fingers at each other. Letting a 5 year old point a gun around a room filled with other children? NO WAY. Actually, since I don't let people point obviously fake guns at me, I'm afraid I would have reacted quite badly in that situation and would've been forcing the kid's hand to point at the ground while...
I don't do an aggregate. That is, I don't add up the number of years I nursed each child. I suppose I could, but that would involve math, and I hate math. Since I've been lactating constantly since my first child was born, I just say I've been breastfeeding for six years.
I was just pointing out that pattern in case anyone wanted to make something similar. I use the same general set-up for bodices all the time, since it's so easy, and go wild on the skirt part. Sometimes it's said that crochet patterns are like recipes--if you change three things, it's yours. If you're using a different hook, different yarn, different stitch, it's definitely yours. And if you're adapting the stitch pattern from an afghan for a dress, then it's...
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