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hm, never had a problem peeing until he got sick? Well his foreskin didn't change all of a sudden! I'd assume it is just fine, as it has been all along. I second (third fourth) all those who would attribute the pee accidents to coughing. I've  peed my pants from coughing more than I'd like to admit. The coughing, plus the extra fluids you're probably pushing because that's good for a cold, would totally add up to peeing his pants. He should be fine!
Winter boots.   Well, I finally found some Earth winter boots in the right size....and, disappointingly, they hurt my foot. What is up with that crazy high "arch support"?? It feels like walking on a golf ball. I had hopes they would be comfortable, but they are NOTHING like going barefoot. Sad, cause they were warm and fuzzy and OMG SO SO SO Cute!! My plantar fasciitis was flaring up within an hour of wearing them around my house. :-( So the search is back on.......
I've been playing for almost a year now. I can almost play about 6 or 7 songs. Seems like in each song, there's one chord that gives me problems! In Tangled Up in Blue, it's that confounded F#min. In Mama Tried, it's the Bflat. The Penis Song, it's the B7. And so on. But still, I absolutely love playing, it is one of the most gratifying things I can think of to do. I also sing along, loudly and fairly badly. But I love it. I've been playing acoustic, but I just recently...
That actually sounds like a pretty great idea!
BCblondie, Thank you very much for your help, but I should clarify what I was talking about in my post. I'm good on the running shoes, using the softstars 'cause I run on trails (packed snow) or on sidewalks/street when it's cleared. What I need is boots for winter outdoor activities other than running. Like, just playing in the snow with the kids, sledriding... that sort of thing, where I'm tromping around in deep snow. So I need something that comes up to mid-calf at...
Thank you, Eco!! Bummer you got shut out of Radio City. And good luck with a solution for Boston!
ah, the crumb thing!! I'm so glad someone else gets that! Personally, I wear my SoftStars pretty much all the time. All the health benefits and comfort of being barefoot, but with no little bits of stuff getting stuck on my feet. I just hate that feeling!   I came to barefooting last year. I wanted to lose some weight so I started running. I never could stand "running shoes"  with the ridiculous built-up heel, so I went in my Land's End "river trekker" sandals  (like a...
My favorite is Deep Creek Lake State Park in Maryland.. Just a three hour drive from Pittsburgh, great campground and lovely lake and lots of stuff to do. We went year-before last and had a blast hiking swimming horseback riding rent a boat mini golf nature center.... Also Laurel Hill State Park near Somerset is very nice and a very short drive from Pittsburgh.
-changed the title to add crocodile. After doing some looking around, I realized the original "perfect" fabric I saw was crocodile/alligator, not really snakeskin. I would settle for either, in the right color.
:confused: I thought I subbed to this thread yesterday, but my post isn't here? Anyway, I am interested in sewing skirts/dresses for men, but I'm not much of seamstress in the first place, so I'll listen in here and see what good info I can glean. I'm not planning to do drag stuff though, just casual to slightly dressy outfits. Not sure how to alter a pattern for a skirt so it would fit a man's body well, they are built differently from us women.
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