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We both have large policies, and they pay out way more if either of us die in an accident (it was dirt cheap to add that, so I did). This has lead to much gallows humor about making any future murders look like an accident. We watch way too much Law & Order.
I think these are just gorgeous. I'm planning to make something like that for my mom's next b-day, which is a big one.
Quote: Originally Posted by canopeas Cross- Stitched "They Shake Me". that's awesome. Ooooh...I should combine my subversive cross stitch book with bibs. Why didn't I think of that?!
Book purse? (check craftster for ideas) Seconding (thirding?) the idea to make fabric transfers and use them for pillows and bags and things.
Do you have an Ikea? Their standard size frames are really reasonable, and much nicer than other cheap frames. I recently used one to frame a Fillmore-type poster, and I bought some textured black paper at the art supply store for $3.00, and cut it to fit the frame, and then layered the poster on top of it. It's not as nice as a matte, but it looks good, and the black paper really recedes when you look at it. I'm really happy with it, and the whole project was under $20.
WOW! That is the best news! I will have to check it out this week. I want to knit some cotton bibs, and that would be a great yarn for it.
Eeeeesh....that's a rough situation. Especially since you have altered the car (windows/sunroof) and the dealer may give you a hard time about that if you have to return it. Was one of the applications with the automaker's finance arm, or with your credit union? Both are often sources of looser lending. The dealer really, really wants to sell you that car, so they're motivated to find a way to finance it. There are subprime auto lenders but you may have to go...
I also adore the biggest size Boat & Tote bags from LL Bean; I got two of them when I left for college, and they've been with me for (gulp) over 15 years. Right now one lives in the trunk of my car, and one is holding yarn in the bedroom. I really want to get a couple of the ones with the longer handles, which didn't exist back then.
MDC: It's More Than Just Armpits
New Posts  All Forums: