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Welcome! Your future children will appreciate this.
I totally need to make some. I love the former sock ones, but I'm thinking of knitting some, too, once I figure out the dimensions.
How about a lined basket? They're easy to make without a pattern, and you can always use another basket for toys, diaper supplies, meds, etc.
I made the Amy Butler nappy bag, and really like it for my 'big' bag. I'm starting to think about a smaller one for when I don't feel like taking the entire nursery with me on the road!
Oh, yeah, I remember that! That was when we first thought about buying haz-mat suits to deal with dd's diaper (still considering it...), and her farts suddenly became stiiiinky. I actually took her to the dr. because I thought there was something wrong, since we hadn't changed her diet at all. I'm glad he's a very kind man and didn't laugh at me! Yup, it's just part of the maturation process.
I love those big bags, too! My husband always brings his tote bags to the grocery store, but I'm never organized enough to remember to do it. I wish I would, it makes getting upstairs with groceries plus baby so much easier if I can put the bags on my shoulders!
Awesome! Thank you!
The most beautiful hat I ever saw was the vintage bonnet from Knitting for Two - it has big ribbon ties and a lace back. I saw it at a knitting show and fell in love with it, but haven't made it yet.
What a cool idea! There are some great patterns in Mason-Dixon knitting. I'm trying to think of a way that you could also integrate some bits of special dresses or blankets, but I'm drawing a blank.
Do you want to make something for yourself, or something for the kids? That sort of yarn says CABLES to me. I'd do an aran-type hooded child's sweater, something with a big tassel on the hood. Or maybe a really great long cabled scarf for you or dh. The book Cables Untangled is a great inspiration.
New Posts  All Forums: