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There's a great new book out called Nature Crafts, by Tara Manning, and she shows the cutest stuffed animals and hats and sweaters all made from recycled sweaters. I got the book out of the library a few weeks ago and now I'm on the lookout for sweaters to felt!
Those look great! Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by RachelSerena and as an FYI - Never EVER use a sudsing soap in your dishwasher. It will cause the machine to overflow and spill suds and water everywhere. Speaking from experience. [been there, done that, cleaned the floor]
Welcome to MDC!
Welcome out of lurker-dom!
I'll buy Target brand sugary cereals (I like it as dessert!) but I need my Post raisin bran. My parents never bought store brands, so it took me a long time to get comfortable with the idea. In their defense, I don't think it was snobbery so much as store brands just weren't as good in the 70s! Now with things like the Safeway organic stuff (the ice cream bars are awesome!), there are some great options out there.
Wow, thanks for that link - it's exactly what we need! We need wills and living wills drawn up, but have been putting it off.
We just got a very high-end 36" tv free from someone who was upgrading to plasma. Lots of people are upgrading now, and that means they want to get rid of their giant tube sets. So check craigslist and consignment stores, and you might be able to keep a set out of the landfill, and get a great deal!
I do the once-a-day email, too, and it's enough to keep me on track for the most part; the message is pretty repetitive, so sometimes just seeing it in my inbox is enough to make me think about shining my sink!
We mostly shop at Trader Joe's, land of store brands, and fill in the rest at Target, whose store brand is about 80% great. I need my Diet Coke and Heintz ketchup, but I'll try just about anything else in store brand.
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