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Tweens are pretty easily freaked out by body stuff in my experience, but that doesn't mean her mom should indulge her and get all huffy. "hey, princess, that's what they're FOR!" Well, maybe in a decade or so, Jill will come to you for bf'ing advice!
I like http://www.reprodepot.com, http://www.sewbaby.com, and http://www.fabric.com. And of course http://www.baltazor.com and http://www.marthapullen.com for the really good stuff, but I don't have as much time for gorgeous projects these days!
Welcome! Great to meet you!
Try ebay for the cord; find out the specs for it and see if you can find a generic version. Or go to Radio Shack - take a photo or drawing of the input for the cord so you get one that can plug in.
I am heartbroken, although I've been buying more fabric and stuff by mail lately. Still, it was right by Target and made for a nice little browse when I was out with a sleeping baby.
I love love love burt's bees! I'm trying to find a good suntan lotion for summer..any ideas? We're all pale and freckly, so I need something hardcore.
Oh, poor babe! Poor you! I hope it's all over soon.
Thanks so much for posting this - it can feel a bit hard to wade in to a new board!
Welcome! don't worry, pretty soon your biggest problem will be that you write EVERYTHING in board-speak! LOL!
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