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Oh, wah, I almost had post 420!
Bonnaroo is TOTALLY kid-friendly! They have a playground and kid activities, and everyone is really cool about having kids around. Some of the folks I went with year before last had their two year old with them, and she had a ball. We stayed to the tents and smaller stages, so she always had room to dance and spin around. I stayed back at the camp with her one night so that her parents could see their favorite band together; we had about a dozen people camping...
I'm a big lurker, too, but I'm finally starting to post! I've learned soooo much here!
The water shoes are awesome! I throw my crocs in the dishwasher, too! I always use the air dry cycle, so I just toss them out on the patio to dry in the sun.
I wouldn't do it, but I am amused by the google ad on this page: Hot & Smart Egg Donors Database of 100+ available egg donors including prof. models! because, when you come right down to it, isn't all about the hotness?
Quote: Originally Posted by Momtwice A book that can be harmful to a breastfeeding relationship. In the absence of a breastfeeding relationship, though, isn't it a pretty good plan? (backstory: all the king's horses and all the king's highly paid lactation consultants couldn't get preemie DD to latch on, so I'm EP'ing/adding NeoSure for calories). It mirrors what we did the six weeks she was in the NICU; wake, diaper, feed, hang out (diaper...
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