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Hi Ladies. I have been reading your responses and my thanks for the continued support. My husband and I decided to take the high road after the police talked to her. It was so hard to watch her with neighbours knowing what she must be saying without giving our side of the story. We have just been outside with our son letting him play with very close supervision.   Its not over. A neighbour finally came over to us last night to let us know she was going door to door...
Thank you ladies! I knew I could count on some sage advice. Unfortunately my husband and I did some more digging and we have had to involve the authorities. It is not the way we had intended to go but we were out of our depth. Clearly this is not something we can resolve with her. My son saw her walking on the road as we were talking him to day camp and he became very upset and proceeded to throw up his breakfast. This has been going on for over eight months. I also...
I just wanted to reach out to you moms for some support. I don't want to print too many details but I have just now realized my son is being bullied by an adult neighbour. They moved into our complex a few months ago. They have the "fun" house...trampoline, all the kids are allowed to play there and such. When my son was over there for the first time he left crying. My husband went over and saw he was crying, my son said the kids weren't taking turns and he told the mom,...
Thanks for the link, I am definately trying to become more organized!
Do I need to pay to post a link to my blog?
Can I post a link to my blog? I used to be able to in my sig and now I can't seem to make the link active.   Any suggestions?
Thank you so much! I'll check it out:)
Thank-you all for your responses.   Given that I am the OP I would like to close the conversation now as I feel it has gotten unproductive.   Again, thank-you for your kind responses.   In love and blessings:)
Hi Tiffani!   I'm in Vancouver but DH and I are looking to relocate to the Island. Thanks for the advice. I realized after the fact I was reading a lot of stories that did in fact happen in the US. I have found some great support in Canada and the system is REALLY different here. You are required to go through a training program and they do a pretty extensive home study. It is at that time your social worker learns about your family. All children in the home are...
Anyone here from Vancouver BC have any spare red wigglers they need to get rid of. I've had a worm compost for two years and my worms died this year. I know I can order some from maple ridge, but they are quite expensive. Does anyone know where you can get affordable worms?
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