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I don't even understand why they are checking his penis if he is healthy and you have no concerns. A doctor has never examined my DS's genitals. I would just keep the diaper on and tell them his penis is none of their business.
Can you wear her on your back?
The person with the foreskin in question gets to choose what is done with it. Even if *I* have a foreskin *his* foreskin doesn't belong to me so it isn't my choice.
Quote: She was drinking around 40ish ounces of my milk a day for the longest time. Lately, she has started eating more and more food. She is now down to about 16ish oz a day of EBM, and increasing her water intake. She is doing this on her own, I am not pushing her. She no longer gets comfort from the sippy or EBM. She has started drinking from a regular cup or a straw much of the time now when she drinks water, gatorate, juice, etc. Only EBM goes in the sippy...
My DS is like this at a year old. People are tolerating it now because he is young. I guess the question is what is she supposed to do? I redirect as much as possible and sometimes he just gets confined to my Mei Tai. I can't "break" him of his personality he is what he is. If it annoys other people I am sorry . It is upsetting to think that my care free and curious son will someday be someone else's annoying complaint. He loves every second of life and embraces it with...
Hi! DS has the fattest feet in the world. NO SHOES FIT! Does anyone have any suggestions? His Robeez cut into his ankles really bad. It is going to start snowing soon so I need something other than just socks (he will take them off) I just ordered some Elk shoes from a co-op and I can't get the darn things on his feet.
My 13 mo is into everything. He is not deterred by pain, like falling, at all. I don't know if there is a way I can work with him. He breaks stuff constantly. I am at the point I don't want to take him to anyone's house because he rips up their house plants or finds some random object and smashes it into the ground. He is not distracted easily if at all. We have baby gates up to keep him off the stairs, he insists on walking down normal and will NOT go down on his butt,...
Quote: Originally Posted by medaroge You would be supprised at how many parents have no problem doing this....... Well vomiting and diarrhea violates health department guidelines whereas a basic cold does not.
DS's new thing is to tilt his head so his left ear is touching his left shoulder. He does it sometimes when he is walking and sometimes does it and spins in a circle. Is it normal quirky toddler behavior?
I got my Epi pen Jr and now I have a couple questions I forgot to ask the doctor. Can you keep Epi Pens in a car? DH will probably forget to bring one with him but I know he always has the car. Also my doctor advised me to get a medi alert bracelet. Do you guys use one? How do I get my 1 year old to keep it on and not tug at it? I was thinking about putting it on his ankle.
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