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I agree have her write out a list of everything she is looking for or wants in a mate to help her along. You could have her go on pratice dates with you and your DP to get some idea's. Online dating is not a bad idea I have several friends who met and married their partners this way. 2 on craigslist and others with eharmany you sound like a great friend to help her out this way
not sure if they are or not I dont use paper towels either but I make my own swiffer drycloths that i just wash and re-use good luck in your search
Hey all I know i have been MIA for a while but life has been crazy The monkyes started pre school this week with an amazing teacher. I drop them off day one and they just ran to play no looking back I had to ask for hugs good bye they were like whatever mom we have stuff to do. They had a blast love going ask to go every day. It is a 3 day program and she is an amazing teacher lucky to have found her. Life is good I can't believe my little guys are old enough to go to...
mine were climbers and i would go to my moms of twins club for advice and everyone would look at me and go ohh gosh no idea what to tell you mine never did that so here is what i learned for experience. Bunji cords do wonders for keeping kitchen chairs attatched to the table i would bunji them together under the table and it would keep the boys from climbing on top of the table. Yes the magnetic locks are the best thing ever they are a bit pricey but do the best job...
i like it a lot and i know with mine it took about a week or so for the true colors to come out and i loved it then I love it more now. I think it is very pretty. I thought mine was a bit big at first too but over time i was glad it is as big as it is . I hope you star4t to enjoy it more
i dont use packing peanuts i pop popcorn and ship stuff in it. i used to do it for my baby brother when i sent him stuff at school and he knew he could eat the popcorn i got most of my family doing this now too
i have these one that are a series that are called ALL ABOUT then they have construction\building\logging dinosars\ horses monster trucks\ tucking it is real people and the main guy is called hard hat harry and he is a genie he takes kids on tours of diffent things like horse farms and how they work, how women can drive truck and other things like that it is pretty good they have 2 to 3 short 15-30 min on each subject they...
i gave you an answer it may be wrong but you can check
the only one i can think of would be the Captin and the Doctor they kind of skate around each other flirt back and forth you want them to be a couple but other things get in the way
NN you may not know this but your posts always make me think I think your challenge idea is great i wont be able to start till the middle of the month since i am currently in intact heaven. Austria visiting relatives but i am doing an interview with the newspaper tomorrow and that was one thing i was going to mention about a diffrence between american and austrian moms that in the us moms usually just say go ahead and do it and over here they would look at you like you...
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