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I know you're out there! My name's Kristi and I'm the mother of a 1 year old with another on the way. I had no idea how difficult it was going to be. I've got terrible morning sickness and backaches. Changing diapers makes me naseaus and picking up my daughter send pain shooting down my spine. How am I gonna do this for another 7.5 months??? How are you other moms doing taking care of your LOs while being pregnant? Are your SOs pitching in? If you're single, how...
Yes! I've got tattoos, piercings, dreadlocks and am an aging punk turned hippie. I'm very seriously religious, a SAHM and all that too, which some people find paradoxical?
Quote: Originally Posted by cappuccinosmom I agree with this. We "look" more like the Duggars as far as clothing and beliefs etc, but we aren't them, and we do differ from them. I have noticed that people tend to lump us all together, and if one QF family believes one way, they assume we all do. They look at what a heavily edited TV show says that the Duggars do/believe, and judge us all by that. Yes! Identifying as QF means a lot of...
Quote: Originally Posted by Kimmiepie That's me too! Cool! I added you on MySpace. You're Messianic too? Awesome! There aren't a lot of us Messianic, AP, QF types around! I think you're like the 4th or 5th I've met!
I don't really know a ton about the Duggars either, but was just repeating what's been thrown at me as a QF person. The over-population arguments really irritate me. I mean really, if we do that, where's the line? 10 kids? 5? 2? who's to say what's too many? I'm sure an unmarried person with no kids leaves an even smaller footprint, so let's just stay single and celebate! Grr... I don't have any "proof" about the Duggar's bfing thoughts- again, just repeating what...
Quote: Originally Posted by quietserena sticky thoughts to you momma! Thank you!
I'm about 5 weeks or so along. I'll eventually get a midwife... I don't know when though. I like UPing, but I want to have a midwife I can call if something goes wrong at the birth. I attempted a UC for my first baby, but we freaked when my labor stalled and called someone in. I'm bummed about it, but it all worked out. I feel more educated and prepared this time, so I doubt I'll need help.
Quote: Originally Posted by JorgieGirl Popping in to say this is how I would see it. People using the term 'blessingway' who aren't Navajo aren't doing it to offend, they are doing it to honour. Why there needs to be a bruhaha about something that is intended to be goodhearted is just picking the wrong battle. Seriously, there are much worse things going on in this world that need the attention. I totally agree.
I'm only 5+ weeks along. I'm kind of nervous because I just miscarried in February, but I'm very excited. Everytime I feel a weird pain, cramp or extra wetness down there I start panicking and expect the worse. Thankfully, my little one is still hanging in there. I'm starting to feel the beginnings of morning sickness. I had it the whole time with my first. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that all will go smoothly!
I'm only 5+ weeks along, but I'm feeling okay. I can feel a small little gurgling in the pit of my stomach... Reminds me of the start of my morning sickness last time around! Oh joy! My first baby was an attempted UC but we freaked whn my labor stalled, so it becamse an attended homebirth. I'm reeeeally wanting to UC this time around and feel a lot more educated and prepared for any weird situations. How many of you are UPing too? Last time I UPed until the 7th...
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