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I'm in! I miss the thread, too!
Hey 2A's! I'm doing 14 in 14 days, too. I've got two articles done, 12 to go. I need that contest to give me a kick in the pants. I've been a bit lazy with the on-line writing lately.
I wrote the first post in this thread almost 2.5 years ago! That's a long time for a thread to still be active. Thanks to everyone who jumped in, gave advice and supported all their fellow Suite writers! I'll miss this little corner of MDC!
Thanks, Lisa - you don't hesitate to take the bull by the horns! You are one of the people that gave me a shot of confidence! I just requested to join the FB group.
Nevermind. I just saw Georgia's thread. :-( That stinks. I learned a lot here over the past couple of years. I've actually started making money as a writer from what I've learned and the confidence I gained through this forum.
Why is this forum closing?
Quote: Originally Posted by Ceinwen My daughter (now age seven) has a moderate sized, bright red hemangioma on her face, and I've elected to wait until she's old enough to consent to surgery. So far, teasing has been minimal and rather than being something she's upset about, it's become something she rolls her eyes at. I am (as well) open to the idea of scheduling surgery earlier should it become an issue that bothered her greatly, and she needed us to...
Quote: Originally Posted by MissRubyandKen It makes me sad that so many people seem to think teasing would be an issue. I think there is a good possibility teasing may never be an issue at all. If it were my child, I'd address any teasing issues that did come up the same way I would if they were teased for their hair, or freckles, or clothing, or shoes. And it wouldn't be to change them. I agree and don't agree. The growth that was on my son's...
I actually do enjoy working in the kitchen with my kids most of the time. But, not all the time. Sometimes I just want or need to make something quickly with as little of a mess as possible. If the kids help, it's messy - lol. How old is your dd? There are some things I've learned to do with the kids that make things a bit easier. All my kids help frequently. My 10 year old makes lots of things on his own. The way he helps now is to make a part of dinner,...
My oldest son had a growth on his nose that first appeared when he was 5 months old. It continued to grow and, when he was 3, we made the decision to have it removed. The type of growth was one that would continue to grow through the years and possibly accelerate when he hit puberty. It was bright pink and covered a good part of the top of his nose. It took two operations, both under general, to remove it. He still has a small scar on his nose. He's 10 now and we...
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