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Quote: Originally Posted by chfriend On the shrieking...when my not as noise sensitive kid was going through a more noise sensitive phase, she screamed more. Funny, huh? My middle ds has sensory issues. One of the things he has trouble with is noise, including loud noises. But, he is also my screamer. He can scream so loud my eardrums vibrate. Thankfully, he is growing out of it, although it's a slow process!
Quote: Originally Posted by Christian_mom It's surprisingly easy to do. And it doesn't take a whole lot of time. If you are serious about it, you can PM me and I can give you pointers and show you my format. Thank you so much! Unfortunately, I've got a lot of balls in the air as it is right now. It's definitely a dream of mine, but something that will have to happen a few years from now.
First, How Fun! That sounds like a great project/job! One of our local papers has a high school sports column that's written by a local high school student. Maybe you could invite high school students to submit and write a regular column and/or articles. Also, maybe you could have a monthly section with ideas and local activities that families could do with kids. I would love to do something like that. Someday...
Hi! That's me! That's so cool that you have been decluttering, too! I'll pm you the link. Thanks!
I just stepped down from my feature writer position at Suite. I'm so burned out on the parenting methods topic that I was not enjoying writing at all. I'm also sick of researching it! I'm taking a writing course right now, so maybe when I've had a few months of that under my belt, I'll apply for a different feature position.
Tread lightly. My dh's grandmother is the kind of grandmother who thinks kids should just do whatever they want and have whatever they want. Many times she undermines me in front of them. I often leave their house annoyed and much less than supported and I'm hardly an ogre when it comes to parenting. To you, it may seem like no big deal that he play in the box with the styrofoam, but to her, who has to clean it all up later, it might be a very big deal. I've...
Thank you, HeatheratHome! Lots of great advice for me! Very cool! Hmm... what's a blog ring? I'm actually having a spacing problem with blogger. Anyone else? The spacing drives me nuts. My spaces can all be ok, but then I go back into the post to edit something and my spacing is all messed up when I save it. I have to go back in and edit for spaces, which doesn't work sometimes. I find it inconsistent and annoying. LOL I've kind of given up, but if...
I agree with eastkygal, the header isn't very ninja. Also, it seems like it could be extended to cover all three columns. It doesn't cover the right side of the page. Other than that, I like the writing. You have a consistent style that keeps my interest. Your personality definitely comes through!
Thanks, apple juice! Here are the directions I found to get a third column: http://www.bloggerbuster.com/2007/07...-template.html
Thank you eastkygal! That's helpful. I will definitely think about adding a little more emotion and some of the reasons for what I do in each post. That makes sense to me. As a matter of fact, I'm going to make a note of your questions. They'd be good for me to keep in mind as I write. Thanks for the compliments, too. I do have a few loyal followers and have gotten some nice e-mails from a few readers. That inspires me to keep going with the blog.
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