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What a great picture! I wish I was brave enough to let it all hang out like that. I do nurse in public, but I am more discreet. I applaud her though.
I've never had headaches with pregnancy before, but this time seems to be different. I had one yesterday for most of the day that finally went away after I ate dinner. I had eaten all day, so it wasn't hunger related. This seems to be my symptom this time instead of morning sickness.
I was craving a Subway sandwich yesterday. My son and I went there for lunch. Yummy! I have wanted salad a lot, too. crbyard - I couldn't get enough Taco Bell when I was pg with ds#2! Loved it! I could have camped there.
It's right for my two boys. If it is right this time, I'm having a girl.
Chey - I'm thinking that is a little creepy too. I would probably not respond at all to her. It's cool that she gave you all the page views and comments, but to ask about your son is what, I think, crosses the line. I am behind on reading at AC. I need to get caught up, but I haven't been in the mood to be on the computer much. I will though, soon!
I don't think I posted on this thread yet - I keep meaning too. My name is Barb and I am due Jan 18th. Wow, Junebug! Congrats on the twins!
I live off of high fiber cereal, like raisin bran and eat a lot of prunes and drink prune juice when I'm pg. I need to stock up on these things now, as things have been slowing down. During my last pregnancy, I had a bad bout of constipation (I hadn't been eating the above) and my sister told me to drink soda. She is a nurse and said they always give sugar to patients who are constipated. I drank about 2 glasses of root beer and it worked. Then, I got back on my high...
Amy - WOW! Congratulations! Welcome to the club - lol. That was kind of how it was with me, too. I wasn't even sure at first, but my period was so late that I knew I had to be. I was shocked. Not as shocked as my husband - lol, but still shocked. When is your due date? I'm mid-January. I have an ultra sound scheduled for Friday. I think everything is ok, but this will just put my mind at ease.
HI everyone! Sorry I haven't been around much lately. I haven't been able to get myself back into writing for some reason. But, with the page view update, I'm feeling some motivation again. And, I remembered that I have two articles that I wrote several years ago that were never published anywhere (not that I didn't try - lol), that I am going to dig out and submit. I was happy with the pv update, especially since I did very little promoting this time around. It...
Quote: Originally Posted by Banana731 I don't feel like I can continue to chalk this up to 3yr old behavior. How can I just let her go on playing and acting like nothing is wrong now? I made her go to her room and told again why what happened wasn't right and that I wanted her to think about it until I came back. But it's only because I just couldn't do nothing, you know? I don't think that it's going to help in any way. Dh thinks we should make her give...
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