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OH man, how fun!  I grew up listening to him!  Wish I could afford to take my whole family!
We went to Hillsboro Pediatrics and saw Nanette Dahlquist, she was great.  Vax or no vax friendly, a LC and a believer in natural parenting.  I really enjoyed her.  The only downfall is I found it wasn't the cleanest facility.  Sick kids were mixed in with not sick kids and it just always had a dirty feel to it.  So we stopped going.  If Nanette was else where I'd go back to her in a second, but I just couldn't get past the dirty feel of it.  But that being said, I have...
Nursing my youngest boy Benjamin in a field this past week at 22 months old. Also a few weeks ago nursing Ben at the Oregon Coast.  22 months.  
You might want to add that its in Washington, cause there is a Rainer, Oregon too!  
Hi! I'm Aimee,  I'm in the Forest Grove area.  We're in the same boat!  I've got 4 boys, 10, 7, 4 and 1.  Homebirthing, organic eating, soon to be homeschooling,  breastfeeding ect.  I've been here most of my life and have trouble finding like minded people!  There is a La Leche League meeting tomorrow in Hillsboro I'm going to go to if you want to meet up!  Its at 168 NE 8th Hillsboro at the Hillsboro Methodist Church, it starts at 10am.  They meet there the 4th...
We get our beef from here : http://www.wistfulmistfarm.com/Index.html which is wonderful!  Been getting it for about 4 years now and always been pleased.  She may be out though I know they don't tend to purchase calves without having them sold.   We don't eat pork so I have no leads there.
Sun Gold is awesome and they deliver to Intel!  http://sungoldfarm.com/id5.html
Did you guys end up catching them?
Where is this homebirth momma group meet at?
I'm Aimee, 29 momma to 4 boys ages 19 months - 10 years.  I'm a bit west of you in the Hillsboro/Forest Grove area but have been looking for a group of like-minded mommas too and haven't found too many.  I'd be up for getting together sometime!
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