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Exactly.  FWIW I think I'd close on a house even if I had bronchitis.  I'd be careful not to shake hands with anyone and do my best to limit exposure but I'd go to the closing.   I've even sent my kids to school knowing they have a low fever.  If I kept them home every time they had a 99.something fever they'd fail out of school.  They both seem to end up with fevers over the slightest sniffle.  If they seem run down and "sick" I keep them home but otherwise I send them.
I just wanted to send some (((hugs))) your way.  I went through this with my dh and alcohol.  I thought he would never lie to me.  I was wrong.  2.5 years ago was the first time he officially recognized he had a problem and said he was quitting.  Several relapses, lies, and counseling later we're still together but it was and sometimes still is a rough road.  We've rebuilt most of the trust but I'll never trust the same way I did before and that makes me sad.
Montessori isn't the best fit for every child (saying this as the parent of 2 Montessori graduates) and not all Montessori schools are the same.  I also can't speak to the "to young to be diagnosed" issue because my dd was 8 before this even came on our radar.  The summer before 4th grade we had a private evaluation done.  We thought we were looking at a learning disability issue but we couldn't get the school system to test her.  The psychologist spent 3 days working...
Eddie Bauer but more the website or catalog than the stores. The web site and catalog carry a lot more of the nice work clothes than they do in the stores. The stores usually run more casual. The web site and catalog also carry a lot more petites and talls. I'm tall and love Eddie Bauer for the range of things they carry in tall sizes. A pair of dress pants and an Eddie Bauer stretch wrinkle resistant button down is my basic work uniform. (don't buy the shirts full...
I used to share an office with a guy from Norway. He'd call his parents and speak to them in Norwegian . It always sounded like Zee Sveedish Chefz to me. (not making fun of the language, more of my tone deaf American ear) He'd grown up here so every once in a while he'd hit a word he didn't know so the conversation would be "bork bork bork t-shirt bork bork bork birthday bork bork!" etc. which just increased the Sveedish Chefz sound of it.
Awww! So cute!!
As long as he doesn't seem dehydrated I don't think it's an emergency.
Quote: Originally Posted by Porcelain Interior Also I think everyone BUT the birthday person should have been told upfront. Yeah but depending on the ages of the kids that might not work. My 6 and 9 year old couldn't keep a secret if their lives depended on it, especially if it was something they were excited about too (like a surprise for mom).
Not dishonest. Even if you weren't going to get a bike at all it still wouldn't be dishonest.
Try HandBreak http://handbrake.fr/
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