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I'm due April 1, so I've told everyone early April.  Jokes not withstanding, I'm just not up for having the whole month of March be...is it here yet?  My first was due end of August, and I feel like I would have been better off saying September.  Grandmothers/coworkers/everyone heard "August" and on August 1, I started getting called every other day to "check in".
 Right side laying is miserable.  A king-sized pillow between the legs has helped immensely with the hip pain.  I'm seeing a chiropractor later today to help further, and I'm quite hopeful.  Left side laying is easier, but not easy, if you know what I mean.  Good luck!!!
If you're happy with where you're going, great.  If you're still looking, I had great care with Dr. Melissa Murphy at Discover Family Chiropractic.  First visit was ~50, subsequent wer 30-35.  She adjusted my pelvic hip pain issues from week 34-40, and it helped SOOO much.  I'm on week 24 of my 2nd pregnancy, and just starting to hurt enough to feel the need to call her back.  She's recommended both by MBC and UW midwives.   GHC has a chiropractor on staff who works...
Chiropractors help with SPD by adjusting your hips to be even, putting less stress on the symphisis pubis joint.  In severe cases, they may even adjust the symphisis pubis joint from the front, which *REALLY* hurt the first day she did it, but helped immensely.  I'm having it earlier with this pregnancy, but it's much less severe, so I'm dealing... so far.  The chiro's name is still in my appointment book, though, for next trimester, I'm pretty sure I'll need it.
Find a video of the actual procedure, if you can.  My DH and I were discussing it, and the whole "fitting in" thing and whatever.... I've been in on a circumcision as part of my medical training, and there's NO way that I would allow anyone to do that to my child.  I explained that there was no anasthesia used often, and that seemed to clinch it for him. 
What about "Kai"? Pronounced like Sky without the S. Not an option for us, b/c last name starts with hard "k" sound, and I'm not into alliteration, but it's really unique and fun.
I made the mistake of Googling "Cordelia" - a name my husband and I can agree on...which is almost impossible. Through the wonder of Wikipedia.... the second entry was.... "Cordelia is the innermost moon of Uranus." After reading this out loud to him, we are now unable to use the name, I think. Apparently, we are in 4th grade.
Vaginal delivery, although induced, with small tear (a few stiches) and a lot of blood loss (no need for transfusion, but quite anemic afterwards). Soreness while moving/peeing, all that... 2-3 weeks. Being able to do anything that required focus/attention besides feeding/changing/burping.... 4-5 weeks, for sure. I wouldn't plan anything that's a true obligation until May day, if I were you.
I'm in Week 19 now, and I've switched to maternity sweaters/shirts as of 2 weeks ago, b/c at least I look "pregnant" in them instead of "pleasantly tubby after Halloween". I'm still hanging in there with a couple pairs of 1-size up jeans, but the usual size jeans have been a no-go for about 3 weeks or so. I have no maternity clothes from last time (since DD was a late summer baby) that are weather appropriate, so I don't even think I own a pair of maternity jeans. ...
We might have been able to do this with #1, but I can't imagine not telling my 4 year old when/if we find out (still a bit on the fence here). She would tell everyone within 5 minutes. She told the pharmacist yesterday that she was going to be a big sister because I had a baby in my belly. (I'm 15 weeks.... um.. thanks, kiddo?) :P
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