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I haven't dealt with the same thing as you have. But I have had my ex-husband be really hands off after his girlfriend moved out and left him. When she was there with him he let the youngest 2 come over and he would let her do most of the child care. Once she left him he didn't do it for about 9 months or so. I didn't care. He still paid support and did that part. But more recently in the last 3-4 months he has been more hands on wanting his youngest two children over more...
I think it depends on how long you have been dating. I have been with my current boyfriend for a little over a year. He will usually pay for all the kids if we go out and if I am in a place to do it then I do it. Just depends on the situation and where we are and what is going on at the time. We have done overnights at the beach, etc with our three youngest children and we both shared expenses and had no problem doing that. So I think it just depends.
No advice. But I'm right there with you. Thankfully I'm self-employed and I work the hours and days I "want" to work so I have more time for my children. I go in after they are dropped at school and daycare and out before 2:00pm each day so I can pick them up and be with them all evening. I also work Saturdays for my job but it's also a few hours and I take my oldest with me there. I'm divorced so it's tough even though their dad does help out as much as he can.
If she is on solids now then I don't think I'd worry as much. I had a hard time with milk supply too when I had my last one 4 years ago and I had to pump a lot and still didn't get much in between feedings. I didn't make it past 6 months either. Don't feel guilty. Just do what works for you.
my now 4 yr old was putting on her own clothes by the time she was 2.5 years old. Just depends on the child I'm sure. She has two older siblings and younger children tend to learn faster because of older siblings.
 then take your child to another dentist for a second opinion?
I only hope my kids wait as long as possible to figure out what Christmas really is, lol! I am glad my 4 yr old has no clue (so far) this year. I don't teach my kids about santa, tooth fairy, easter bunny and such so it doesn't matter to me if they want to skip the holidays completely (yes)! They know it's their dad and I doing things for them on holidays and special occasions anyway.
 I'm a little confused on your post because words were jumbled up a bit. But I have had 3 children and they were all seven years apart in age and the oldest and youngest are 14 years apart in age. It's never easy, it's always like starting over when having a baby (I believe) because no two babies are the same. Try to focus on you and your baby and you will be fine.
  I don't really have any advice either. I have had 3 children all by c-sections. But I only had PPD with my second child. She was my first girl and was very hard to take care of because she was colicky and never stopped fussing or crying for like the entire first 2 years. She is now 11 years old and very dramatic and fiesty still but I love her to death! I would suggest talking to your doctor. But I wouldn't do drugs if at all possible. Breastfeeding is best for baby and...
I guess I'm the oddball. I enjoyed all three of my births. All three were c-sections. I probably could have had the last two children via vaginal birth had I been educated enough before my second birth but I didn't. I still love them the same and  have wonderful memories of their births, even though they were c-sections! I brought a human being in to the world! Nothing can bring me down when I know I've done that, regardless of how they got here.
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