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I gained a lot when I was a vegetarian, too. My body really needs larger quantities of protein than I was able to get through a veggie diet. (I was a veg for seven years.)
We have one and my kids love it. I highly recommend it.
I had two short labors, and my third was quite long. I would just go in with no expectations, and welcome whatever comes. You can't be disappointed that way.
Big babies. Back pain. Heat. Baby's comfort. My comfort (I'm tall, small strollers require me to hunch over). Storage. Easier to push, smoother ride for babies -- less jarring for their spine and skull. Able to get out and do things as a family for longer periods. Kids who don't stay with me even though I "expected them walk". Safety. Busy streets so all kids need to be monitored closely -- difficult with more than one child. Makes family outings more pleasant. Etc.
You have to inherit a mutated copy of the gene that causes redheadedness from BOTH parents in order to be a redhead/have redhead characteristics.
I voted for away at school/out of the house. I'm not a proponent of sex in high school. Once you're in college, that becomes a different story. I'm a high school teacher, and even the most responsible long term couples have issues, particularly if they go to the same school. When couples break up (as is quite likely at age 16), drama always ensues. Girls tell their girlfriends about the sex, boys tell their friends, soon the whole school knows their business, and people...
I would just say that it's contrary to your religious beliefs to vaccinate. Then you'll still be able to maintain a relationship with your doc without arguing. There's truly no point in listing your reasons about not vaccinating -- you will not convince him, and anything you say can be used against you. They'll try and disprove what you're saying and use scare tactics to force you to comply. It is FAR harder to argue with, "It's against my religion." Most people won't mess...
The NY&CO is a good suggestion, and I second Target, particularly for T-shirts. You can get nice fitted Ts for less than $9 in a variety of colors that go with your new skirt wardrobe. I think tailored jeans are fine on Fridays if you dress them up, maybe with a fitted jacket and dressier shoes. You'd be surprised at how much more students look to you as an authority figure when you're dressed more nicely than they are. Do you have an H&M in your area? I've gotten a...
I'm generally against corporate-run charters. But charters run privately or not for profit often provide learning environments not available in other public or private schools, and often it's those environments kids need to be successful. I also think they force public schools to be more innovative because of the competition.
Did you read that Scott Baio now has a pregnant girlfriend? VH1 didn't want that to be released because it would mess with their ratings, but it's true.
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