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Not in your DDC, but wanted to suggest www.breastchester.com -- great customer service. The Anita bras are my favorite.
I had a similar issue, and had the midwife write a letter attesting to the live birth of X on Y date. Also, you might be able to get a similar letter from your family doctor stating that he has seen patient X, aged ___. That should work in place of a vax certificate.
How wonderful! Sounds like a fantastic birth -- congratulations!
At least 8-9 months. Nine months up, nine months down for me each time. I think that's pretty normal.
I am not. I did a lot of research on what the diseases are like and the likelihood that a healthy child with a normal immune system would have some kind of complication. I'd much rather have my kids get the illnesses. "How to Raise a Healthy Child in Spite of Your Doctor" by Robert Mendelssohn (think I'm spelling that right) is a great jumping off point for those of you researching the diseases. Also keep in mind that the worst case disease scenarios you see from the...
My parents paid for a total of $0 of my college education. I worked two jobs and took out student loans. I am the first person in my family to have a degree (actually, degrees), my parents were probably considered working poor. You don't have to qualify for most student loans. You just need to be enrolled in college. (Usually full time.) There's no credit check involved. If there were, no 18 year old could get a loan -- they usually have no credit or lousy credit.
It's also possible to "create" your own vax documentation. In my state, you just sign the card. But I've heard of some people just "enhancing" the vax forms with some illegible "doctor" chicken scratch.
I was never asked to sign one, either. I think some doctors are pressured by local health departments to get their compliance levels to a certain minimum, and they need to demonstrate that they did not neglect their "duty" (ha ha) in providing you with vaccine information. I also think pediatricians are more likely to pressure you and to be pressured than family doctors are.
Let me give you one other piece of advice that no one told me about. The afterpains get worse after each baby. When you have an epidural, you don't feel them that much. With an unmedicated delivery, you really feel them. I chose to start taking ibuprofen/arnica as soon as the placenta was out. I also took Tylenol3 w/codeine to get through the first few days when the cramps are so bad. Don't think that because you didn't have meds for the birth that you shouldn't take...
I've been in your shoes. My first birth was with an epidural, which I BEEEEEEEGGED for the second I stepped foot in the hospital at 4cms. The pain was horrific and I could never imagine going through an unmedicated delivery. I started researching and chose to birth at a birth center with my next babies. I had the same fears as you -- will the pain be too much? How will I get through it? I don't know if I can do it -- it hurt so much last time! Let me reassure you that...
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