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I don't have any advice, but hearing about the pain your ds is going through just breaks my heart. Poor little guy.
Man, that is tough. I don't think I could have a child with someone, living in fear that they'd take the child and have him circ'd. Giving in is not an option, imo.
He should not be "leaning" back, just sitting so that his butt is a little lower than his knees. Also, the fabric should hit where his knees bend, not into his thighs.
I'd go with either a wrap and then wear a coat over it (just a size or two larger than you'd normally wear or a maternity jacket should be fine) or a fleece pouch. Just make sure to use a hat and mittens if needed.
I don't know about NY, but here in NM you have to get an exemption (philosophical or religious...same form) whether you exclude one vaccine or all of them. We have the option of submitting the vax record and the exemption or just the exemption. For my pre-schooler we submitted both. That way he'll only be excluded from school if there is an outbreak of a vaccine preventable disease that he was not immunized for.
Right or wrong, I would probably have done the same in your shoes. I would NOT wean.
Totally normal.
I feel like it's not that often that we get "happy endings" around here, so your update is awesome! Thank you for standing up for your baby. He'll be so happy you did.
Ds1 - the hospital did not do circs so it was the ped at a later date for those who chose to circ. Ds2 - ped Ds3 - ped
Man, that sucks. I don't really have any advice, but the others here will give you some info.
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