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People can be so weird. Probably a generational thing in this case, but I'd be annoyed too. It sounds like he hadn't already bought the tickets yet, so I wonder why he wouldn't have just bought 5 instead of the 4 after talking to you? I hope that it works out and you all get to go and have fun! (maybe Uncle F wants to go too?)
I think you should get one for him for sure. It's a pain, but well worth the peace of mind. Without it, you would have no leverage at the border at all, unfortunately. In my experience, the individual border agent has more power/control/discretion than whatever the actual "rule" is on paper. Best to have all your ducks in a row.
DS was exposed twice to wild CP, and caught it the second time around. We had 19 children over to play, and since then almost all have come down with CP (several of those cases were siblings, where one child caught it from DS, and then subsequently passed it on to their sibling who did not catch it from DS, even though exposed). I'd say that about 60% of the children who were exposed to DS during the contagious period caught CP.
If I were the potential love interest, I would want to be warned, so yes, I would without hesitation do the warning if I found myself in that type of situation.
I don't know how to link to the tribes threads, but I posted this morning in the Washington, Oregon, and Idaho tribe that we have CP over here in Seattle. Feel free to PM me if (g)you're interested. Ok, eta the link - http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=826535 Thanks ramlita for telling me how to do that!
My DS has CP at the moment, and I kept him out of a playgroup that was scheduled right around the 2-week post exposure mark. Sure enough, he came down with the rash the very next day, so I was glad I had kept him home. I did the same thing the previous time he was exposed (but didn't end up catching it), kept him away from classes during the week that I would have expected the rash to show up, but I didn't stop going to the grocery store or places outdoors.
Quote: Originally Posted by chfriend I haven't read the replies, but in response to the OP....that's hilarious. The way my kids play, unless they have socks on their hands, a sock over their heads and a big ol' sock over the rest of them....they're going to be exposed to germs. Taking off shoes....yup, I can see that. Socks? Nobody wears them in the summer anyway 'cause it's too hot. Wash up after and have fun! laughup ITA with this! This...
I am right there with you too. I only have one DC right now (praying for more..), but I have only been away from him a few times, and never overnight. I hate leaving him, and I have absolutely no desire to "vacation" without him; that would be torturous for me! My neighbor has a DD the same age, and she and her husband have been to Europe, Africa, and South America without their DD (in addition to assorted solo vacations in the US). I just can't fathom it for myself!
Doubtful that this will help you, because it isn't a solution, but when I'm getting aggravated that my DS is telling me "no" a lot at any given time, I say to him "I feel really disrespected when you tell me no all the time; I always try to treat you with respect and I would like the same treatment in return". He's two so he so doesn't get it, but for some reason it makes me feel better to say that. Maybe because it's even more ridiculous when DH hears me having that...
I am wondering whether the following is an "un-GD" method. I really strive to raise my DS with kindness and respect, and I would like to check if this would be considered a bad idea in GD circles. DS is two, and likes to play with things that I don't always want him to. I know that I need to do better at keeping off limits items out of his reach, and I'm getting there with that. When he has things like toy drumsticks in his hands, I show him that it's ok to drum them...
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