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What I do with DS when he starts to scream (he's also 2 yo), is to tell him to "scream real low", and I do it loudly too to demonstrate, but in a very deep voice. Somehow this seems to help me - he's still being noisy, but the low pitch doesn't bother me nearly as much, and his "low yelling" tends to peter out more quickly than the high pitched yelling that makes me want to drive off a cliff.
Thanks so much for sharing your experiences, they make me hopeful that we'll see CP around here.. I will wait and hope for the best (DS may not be so thrilled with this "present" that I hope he gets for Christmas!)
Do you think you could be pregnant?
I'm curious to hear what you all think about this. My DS is two years old, and nurses before bed, before nap, a lot between 6-8am every morning, and a few random times during the day. We've been exposed to chicken pox, and I hope that he'll catch them...I'm not sure if this is possible, though, because, if I understand things correctly, my exposure would boost my own immunity to the disease (I had CP as a kid), so then DS would get my antibodies to CP through my breast...
Hi everyone, I'm going to start rolling up my sleeves and get on searching online, but I wanted to post here in case someone could give me a quick answer to start me off.. I'm currently in Washington state and I had planned on getting a philosophical exemption for school enrollment. However, it now looks like I might have to move back to Canada (where I grew up), near Toronto area. Does anyone know if school exemptions exist there for non-vaxxers? And if so, is...
How about trying the ol' "If you want to push a button, push this one" (provide something pushable). "If you want to throw something, throw this" (provide something acceptable to you to throw, stuffed toy, whatnot). Rinse and repeat. Works in pretty much every situation, "if you want to climb on something/kick something/pull/push/hit/etc"... eta - "one finger touch" is AWESOME, works like a charm!!
I have no idea what I did today, I can never remember : I think that we spent about 4 hours at the grocery store, putting things in and out of the cart. I have taught him that you "buy it first, then open it later at home", but of course all anyone else in the grocery store understands is that DS is sitting in the cart yelling "Buy it, Buy it". Then DS announced that he had to go "caca on the potty" so then we paid and left, but he didn't really have to go. ...
That sucks!! I don't think that you should tell the kid's dad that he broke your son's toy, though, because I don't think that conversation would be very well received at all. I guess you can just take toys away from him if you think they're about to get broken (and you don't need to explain to the 9 yo except to tell him that they're getting put away so that they don't get broken). If this continues to be a problem, you could bring it up with the kid's dad when he is...
For me, every 2-3 days (lately more on the every 3rd day side, though I prefer every second day!). DP showers once per day. DS, however, gets bathed about every 10th day (more often if he's super filthy, of course). I rarely wash his hair with shampoo, perhaps once every couple of months. I find that it doesn't need it, and looks the same if I just use a wet washcloth on it in the bath.
I make them really tight too. I think that the "rule" is that you shouldn't be able to pinch any strap between your fingers if you were to try to pinch some away from the child's body. I think that the tighter the better, because that would better keep the child "at one" with the carseat to ride out a crash, rather than their body bouncing against looser straps. Not cutting into their neck or anything, but I do make them as tight as I can.
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