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Quote: Originally Posted by mommy2abigail I thought I'd still love my dogs just as much (dogs? we have dogs?: ) I almost peed in my pants at this one! Soooo many of these ring true for me, especially the above! Thank you all for giving me smiles today!
DH is going to attend a conference in Rome this May, and we are thinking that I'll fly to Europe with DS (who will be 18 months old at the time) after the conference is over and meet DH "somewhere". Just don't know where would be good, I've never been to Europe before. So, can anyone suggest a place that would be nice and family friendly, anywhere in Europe? I know that Europe is big, but we don't have it narrowed down to anywhere in particular... Thanks so much for any...
Sigh. It seems like so many of you have married wonderful daddies!! My DH is a good provider, but I guess that's about it in terms of involvement. Well, he changes about one diaper per week (DS is 16 months), he's been up at night perhaps four times ever, has given one bath, and he cooks a meal about twice per month. I'm very grateful that his paycheck allows me to stay home with DS, but I do worry every day that he is setting a terrible example for his son. Yep, we...
I wasn't sure where to post this exactly, but I thought that some of you might have some info or opinions that you could share with me. I guess I'm getting kinda bitter the more I'm reading (admittedly mostly online) about pharmaceutical companies. I suppose that I want to believe that some of the higher-ups aren't after just the bottom line ($$). I mean, are there any pharma companies that do better, more rigorous testing than others? ones that try to make drugs...
I also have a "mean" 15 mo! DS is a hair puller, or, more specifically a hair-grabber-non-releaser. We practise "gentle touches" several times a day, and also I always tell him in the moment, "If you want to pull on something, pull on this [whatever toy with string is nearby]". We seem to be slowly having less hair-pulling, or at least some hesitation before the pull! Good luck!! It's all age-appropriate, though the other parents are not impressed..
I am still appalled to have learned that there have been no sound studies comparing vaxxed versus unvaxxed kids. None. WT?!!! If I had time, I would try to do it myself!!
Vaccines (and antibiotics) put an evolutionary pressure on the disease strains that they are meant to eradicate. The "biological imperative" for every "living" thing is to replicate - vaccines prevent this replication, so strains that ARE able to replicate (i.e. vaccine-resistant and antibiotic-resistant organisms) are the ones that prevail. This is an irrefutable fact, it is basic natural selection. Your friend is completely out to lunch!!
Quote: Originally Posted by alegna I never considered getting that vax. Hib is probably in your nose right now. It's everywhere. It's not a danger in healthy breastfed babies. We weren't vaxed for it and never worried about it and nothing about the disease has changed since then. -Angela This, exactly. Many of my selective/delayed vax friends have been doing this one and I just really don't get it!
Well, I don't have any links to send you (I always tell people to go check out the vaccinations forum on MDC if they want to read more about it, ha!), but here are my own typical responses: Quote: Our non-vaxxed kids are putting their vaxxed kids at risk. Vaxxed kids are at an increased risk from any adult whose vaccine-induced immunity has waned. It happens frequently (my own titers for measles were nil in my early 20s). Unless they are forcing...
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