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Quote: Originally Posted by journeymom Because it's a slap. At its root it is violence. Yet again, a girl is punished for being a girl. Why a violent act?? Why not a group hug from significant women? Better to bring her a cup of coffee if you want to "wake her" from childhood into adulthood. What makes you think it's punishment? Sometimes the negative has to be symbolized as well. The religious tradition in which I was raised has a tradition...
Quote: Originally Posted by frog What makes you think it doesn't? Because I think the people who practice certain rituals are better arbiters of the meaning/symbolism/significance of said rituals than are outsiders.
Quote: Originally Posted by journeymom It's still disgusting. That IS misogyny. It's ritualized hatred, hatred of the very thing that makes us women. It's insanity. No amount of folkloric explanations (waking her from childhood slumber?? Give me a break!) makes it ok to slap a girl, even with a symbolic 'tap'. : Sorry, Hera, my intensity is aimed not so much at you than at the people who slap their daughters for being female. What makes you...
Quote: Originally Posted by tayndrewsmama I should clarify that this scenario is not mine, but that of a couple that is asking what I think. I said get married now, assuming she will be covered. I am nearly certain that she will be based on what I know about our insurance (my dh works for the same company her fiancee does). To me it seems like a real duh situation. I nearly peed myself when dh told me what happened. She comes from a fairly well to...
I have nothing to contribute re: baseball. Except the infinity thing, which I already used.
I need to go to bed okay? The child is finally asleep, and the others will be awake.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Quote: Originally Posted by majikfaerie so that makes up for knowing nothing about baseball Yes. Yes it does. But. More people know about baseball. But. I am not interested in it. So that is okay. Although my dad used to be obsessed with baseball. He would tell me that it was all a secret code. He thought a lot of things were secret codes. So, baseball was a secret code. Like, did you know that a baseball field goes to infinity in one...
Quote: Originally Posted by majikfaerie i have a headache I am sorry. I wish I could kiss your head and alleviate your suffering.
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