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ummm..... interesting concept. I love the comment that it would be good for an autistic person. not this one! hanging out in a giant vagina would not be fun for me.
Quote: Originally Posted by majikfaerie chucking chucklings : I love saying squibs. and happy birthday to your dd maygee yeah, but chucking squibs sounds like something you do when you've gotten a little woozy at the seafood place. :
unfortunately this doesn't include tooth closeups..
Quote: Originally Posted by SquibsNCrackers I've never seen a live groundhog. There was an "unusual pet" thread over on Pets. Maybe I should go take a look. well, since you homeschool your dogs, maybe this could be a family learning project.
Quote: Originally Posted by SquibsNCrackers The first one is a little odd. Do you suppose baby groundhogs have 22 teeth? I liked Tommy Smothers when I was little. that's a good question. does anyone have a pet groundhog and can answer this?
Quote: Originally Posted by SquibsNCrackers Breathe. Nibbles sounds fun. In case you missed it above, here is some trivia you can take with you to amaze your fellow groundhog visitors: Groundhog Day Trivia * All groundhogs have 22 teeth. * Groundhogs hibernate one to a burrow, with at least two doorways. * Males emerge earlier than females each spring. * Groundhogs can lose 50 per cent of their body weight in hibernation. Their maximum size is 10...
Quote: Originally Posted by SquibsNCrackers Very cool, Brigianna. My source says she is the goddess of fire, inspiration and sacred wells. I think that suits. also midwifery. I just put her picture on my myspace which I just reopened.
Imbolc is the holiday of Brigid/Brigantia, my kind-of namesake. so I'm on board with that.
Quote: Originally Posted by MilkTrance I see your point, but I believe that in general, much older men and younger women have a power imbalance. yes, but again... so what? they chose each other. why is a "power imbalance" (which is inevitable in any human relationship imo) a bad thing?
Quote: Originally Posted by bigeyes I think his body of work and his history with women shows that he doesn't respect her, or any other woman. how so? Quote: Actually, you're right about that one. I wasn't aware that Woody and Mia didn't live together in all the time they were together. Interesting. So yes, that does make the whole incest thing pretty bogus. Thanks for the info, I've never heard that before because I've always...
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