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My husband and I have been separated less than 6 months and he has started seeing someone he knew in college. He has had 3 play dates with this woman and her kids and my kids. I'm really pissed. I don't care that he is sleeping with this woman. But the kids came back from the play date with gifts from her. And that's when I got angry. My kids are 4 and 8. The 4 year old is still confused about the separation. The 8 year old gets upset at times. He was extremely upset when...
Do you know your rights as a military spouse? You have many benefits. I highly recommend seeing a JAG lawyer. It's free to you, however, you and your husband cannot be seen in the same office.
I will try asking his mom what he likes. But even things he asks for sometimes he won't eat, and it makes me frustrated. One morning he asked for toast with jelly and a hard boiled egg, I gave it to him and he ate a few bites of each and then asked me what else I had for breakfast. It was white bread and regular sugar jelly, not the more natural stuff I usually have around. Then I gave him an apple and he took a few bites and left    The next question I have is: how...
 I cook healthy meals from scratch and serve them to my kids, if they eat it -great. If they don't eat it, no big deal, but I don't serve them anything else. 6 YO DS has a friend who comes over a couple times a month. He is a pleasant boy, polite, respectful to us, but he is a very picky eater. Some meals he doesn't eat a thing that I serve and asks me for certain other foods. I usually tell him that is all I'm serving. But he'll come to me after an hour and ask for a...
What do you use to support adrenals? I'm almost certain my adrenals are stressed.
I just restarted taking iodine (400mcg of magnascent Iodine) a week ago and now I am starting to wake up at 4 am, I generally feel a dull exhaustion throughout the day and I can fall asleep just fine, but then I wake up at 4. What nutrients have helped for this symptom? I am taking b complex magnesium (600mg) selenium (200 mcg) B2 (400mg) b12 (5mg) I eat liver every 2 weeks and I think I am out in the sun enough to get vit d this time of year.   Thanks!
This thread is so timely! I have been feeling dizzy in the heat that came on so suddenly. I have been drinking more water, hopefully adding sea salt will improve things. Thanks for all the info!
Thank you so much for posting this information! I wasn't going to bother applying for the CDC, but now I will submit my application.
  Green with ENVY! I cannot even get the bad beef for that price here! We eat red meat all the time as in 4x + per week, I crave it: I am anemic and have to take iron even with all the beef I eat.  
I am also considering selectively vaccinating my children ages 5 and 2. The 5 yo goes to preschool now and will be in public school in the fall. I am just starting to do research as to which shots they will get. DH has also dropped comments here and there about vaccinating, he has been supportive of non-vax, but I think it is time we re-educated ourselves. People also ask me why I don't vaccinate and my answers are not clear anymore.
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