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umsami, I've been on an MDC break so I didn't know about new DS. Alhamdulillah! (And early Eid Mubarak!) I miss the coops too.   pixiepunk, thanks for the info. Off to find the Yahoo group.  
The brain is a funny thing. After weeks of trying to remember the name once I posted it came to me after an hour.    http://www.tierrafarm.com/   Their stuff is delicious. The Hunza raisins (which look puny but taste amazing) and the dried pineapple are great.   I've also ordered from nutsonline.com and had good results.   Happy snacking!
I thought I'd start in this forum...   Back when MDC was doing coops there was a very popular place where we ordered dried fruit and nuts from. I'd like to order some stuff again for the holidays but I can't find the name and the forum is closed. I ordered a bunch of stuff a couple of years ago and I can't remember it all, but I know I got 2 types of raisins, really great dried pineapple, dried mango, and raw almonds.   I think the name had 2 words in...
Quote: Originally Posted by sewchris2642 It does. The idea that discipline only = punishment is just a sore point with me. And your post just was the current straw and you got the fall out. I get what you are saying and to me it does fall within discipline because I view discipline as the way I and my family live. Just like diet really describes what and how one eats but has come to mean denial of certain foods in order to lose weight, discipline has...
Quote: Originally Posted by sewchris2642 Discipline can include, but is not limited to, hyperbole, humor, redirection, time-outs (or time-ins; removal from situation), hugs, talking it out, leading by example, agreed upon rules, education, rewards, consequences. There's a reason I had "discipline" in quotes. I understand what you're saying, but I'm not sure my 3 ideas (very little TV, good nutrition, filling up their tanks in the morning)...
OK, I got my posting in for moderation. I can't remember what I was trying before, but I think I was just clicking the red "Ask-An-Intuitive" link near the top of each page, rather than finding the forum in the list of forums. I feel kinda dumb now. Thanks for your help!
Should we keep the house on the market until we get an offer, or take the house off the market until next Spring/Summer? Thank you!
OK, now my subscription expired, without my ever finding out how to submit my question. Can it be reset, and is it possible to find out why I was not able to post to the thread? Thanks.
I agree with a lot of what's been said, but I'll offer 3 more items that make the difference in our house between kids who are pretty well behaved and ones we want to drop off at the police station. 1) Nutrition. The better I feed my kids, the more nourished they are, the better they behave. They get small amounts of sugar (fruit only) and I can tell the difference when they don't eat as well as they could or when they get hungry and cranky. Lots of good fats, too, to...
I paid and got a confirmation email from Paypal. When I go to my cp it's listed under Active Subscriptions, saying it started yesterday and expires today. When I click on the name of the Ask-An-Intuitive forum, I just see Georgia's post and the thread is locked. Is it supposed to be open so I can post? Thanks!
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