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You're so kind. ah yes, busy couple months - lots of tests and the discovery that I am anonmolous (sp?) but - thank goodness, benign. Whew. this good news after so much worry came along with bad news about a friend - hence my failure to udpate -- but thanks all around for the advice and good thoughts - it all helps so much ~~~
Thank YOU. yes, the patch is gone - and, in some ways, I guess I feel fortunate that I followed up on it so quickly considering that it led to the discovery of this - whatever it is. I see another doctor tomorrow who has all the scans and my history -and we'll see what he says.
I can't remember the cream - by I had a prescription. the patch is all gone now - but I am proceeding with other tests to see what's up. A bit scary.
in this month's Literary Mama: http://www.literarymama.com/columns/specialneedsmama/ excerpt: I have become a master at motherly acts that go beyond brave...But I also learned that bravery is impossible without fear, and that in so many ways these two qualities are inextricably bound.
okay - here's my udpate: I went to see the doc who thought the dry skin was just a dermatological event and prescribed some creme - which cleared it right up. BUT we discovered my last mamo was two years ago and not one - time flies! - so I made an appointment to get another and got it yesterday. The doctor who presided over that became concerned about my right breast (the left waa the one with the rash) and during the course of the afternoon, order more and...
Just wanted to check in and say hey. I am pretty much a raw food vegan diva by day - crazy vegetarian by night. Nice to meet you.:
I am certainly feeling less isolated now - thanks! I keep thinking back to my mammogram last year - but I know they don't catch everything... No matter what - you gals are educating me (per usual) - and calming me down a bit too - thanks!
Gosh, thanks for all the info - and for sharing your own experiences. That's what I like so much about this place. It helps so much...I do tend to worry.
Okay. Early in the week I noticed a small patch of dry, itchy skin (skin is slightly cracked and pinkish) under the nipple of my left breast. I didn't think anything of it, applied aloe and went on my way. There was no pain, redness, swelling or heat. Days later, it's still there. Today I made an appointment to see the doctor next Wednesday - but now of course I am worried. Any insight? For the record, I haven't breastfed for couple years now. I am...
This month's topic is "Special Needs "ove" http://www.literarymama.com/columns/specialneedsmama/
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