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Tent or RV? With facilities or without? How far are you willing to drive from Seffner to your campsite? There are some nice state parks, some are fairly close to Seffner. You can check out: Alafia River State Park Little Manatee River State Park Myakka River State Park Hillsborough River State Park Oscar Scherer State Park Hope that helps!
I am an atheist, but I have 2 Christian friends (both AP) who go to this church: http://www.stjamestampa.org/ I'm not sure on their worship times, but they both rave about the church. HTH.
I highly recommend Dr. Ron Shemesh. Though I'm not 100% positive that he is doing OB work anymore, but he was as of 3 years ago. I homebirthed, but saw him for my post-partum checkup after the birth of my children. mindbodyspiritcare.com/directingmd.htm
I grew up in Venice, FL. GREAT little town with a nice downtown, nice sidewalks, great beaches. We are heading down for a beach vacation May 7-11. LOVE it down in Venice. It's also the sharks tooth captial of the world. My 3 young kids love to go down and look for fossils/teeth. It's a great time. http://www.venice-fla.com/
If driving isn't an issue, I totally say go for Ft. DeSoto. You won't regret that you did it. I earned my undergrad just a small hop from there and it's amazing. Great playground for the kids, simply beautiful with a huge walking/biking path. A cool fort to explore. We try to take a drive down every month or so. It's a great place to recharge the soul. :
Thanks for the support!! : I'm DONE!! I NAILED IT!! WooHoo!!!!!!
Sigh. I don't have any help outside of my dh. Well, that's not totally true. My mother will come up and help if I really need it. Like next week when I defend, she's coming up to stay the entire week. But other than that, it's all me, all the time. When/if I return to work, I'll be hiring a housekeeper. That's for sure! A housekeeper. Swoon!
Hi Fellow Student Mamas! I don't post in this area much, but I do lurk. I am stressed. I defend my dissertation next week. Tell me I can do it. Tell me I'll do fine. Tell me it's almost over. Just tell me something positive. I'm scared. This is my second terminal degree, so I've defended before, but never with having 3 young children under foot. ACH!
I don't live in Orlando, but I can tell you that Mimi's Cafe, while they have good food, is a chain. Not sure if you are trying to visit more local "mom & pop" type places or not. Have fun on your staycation!
I defend my dissertation next week, so I'm in the market for some pox too!! : I live in the Tampa Bay area.
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