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That's exactly what happened to me with my first baby. I waited 24 hours to go in after my water broke (it was a gush - my pants were wet down to my knees). I would leak here and there, but no contractions started. When I got to the hospital, their test said it hadn't broken so they sent me home. I continued to feel leaky throughout the weekend, and 5 days later went into labor on my own. My baby was malpositioned (head asynclitic, and she was slightly posterior, and had a...
Quote: Originally Posted by CEG Just curious what process those of you who got a DEM paid by BCBS used. Did your midwife submit a bill or did you submit something? She gave me a bill and I submitted it. I had to pay her in full first.
I was told that a CPM in an illegal state wouldn't be covered, but she was! I got my reimbursement. Total billed: 2195. Deductible applied: 169 Coinsurance: 671 Reimbursement: 1353!!!! I got $1353. I am so so happy! Just wanted to let people know that it's possible, and that it's becoming more common. My midwife (CPM) told me that her clients were having a lot more luck lately, and she was right. Yippee!
I'm not exactly sure where you are because I lack geographical thinking sometimes, but you might have greater luck with Kentucky midwives? I'm also thinking you may live close to the southwest corner of Ohio so you might try there too? Sorry can't be of more help!
Great! We will be at the back shelter. Park in the back lot by the playground, and follow the sidewalk all the way back (north) to the big shelter. There are only two shelters I think and we will have balloons strung up where we are at.
Quote: Originally Posted by LuNaLu Planning to be there (and maybe birth there, ROTFL)! The park would be a lovely place to have the baby. And if you want a water birth, it's right there on the White River!
Bumping for reminder. We are so excited about tomorrow and hope to see many new faces :
Strangely, after my dd3's head was out I lost the urge to push. I was waiting for another contraction, but wanted her head out, so I pushed without the urge. It was strange, and hard to do.She came out on that one push, but it felt so different to me than my other pushes. I never have had an urge to push the placenta.
Bumping for details and reminder. 6 days to go!
I drank RRL through my 2nd pregnancy with no effects whatsoever. Had a 12 hour labor. I drank some in my 3rd pregnancy, and had lots of cramping and after a 2-hour premature labor scare at 34 wks, noted that my cramps/contractions were correlated with the RRL tea (only happened on the day I drank it). So I stopped. And so did the contractions. Then I did drink some just shy of 40 weeks to see if I could get things going. I had a cup before bed and a romp in the sack,...
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