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Hi CrunchyYague and welcome to Mothering! Anyone have any helpful info to share? 
Thanks for sharing budwana birth. Would love to set you up to network with Mothering. Check your PM box for a message from me. 
Welcome Cantonfamily! Did you find a nanny to share?
Bumping for input. Anyone have a recommendation to make? If so I'll place it on our Reviews too. 
Sure you can! The group has been very quite since before the holidays.But maybe your energy can help get things going again.  Please feel free to post a new thread of interest that would help you get started on becoming more minimalist. :)
Hi Marjojo and welcome to Mothering! I'm so sorry you're having sleep trouble with your little one. It can be so exhausting!    First of all, I'm moving your thread to the Cosleeping and the Family Bed forum where you may get more input from parents going through the same issues.    Now - is his waking something that recently started or has it always been an issue? If recent, it could be something as simple but painful as teething that is waking him up. In that case no...
Welcome sunniedups! So glad you decided to join Motheirng and become a community member!    Anyone in the Caribbean or St. Lucia around to say hello to sunniedups?
Welcome to Mothering! I have moved your thread to the Breastfeeding Challenges forum where you should get some more helpful input. Good luck and well wishes to you and your baby!
Hi Ruby! Welcome to Mothering!!   I'm so sorry you are struggling with being pregnant again. Please consult your health care provider for advice and information about termination. But if you do decide to continue with the pregnancy I think you'll find a lot of support here at Mothering. Let us know how you're doing. 
I'd be glad to get the October 2014 DDC set up. Thanks for volunteering to be a coleader, writermama12. Do you know of anyone else willing to colead? We need two leaders to get started.
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