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Hi Ruby! Welcome to Mothering!!   I'm so sorry you are struggling with being pregnant again. Please consult your health care provider for advice and information about termination. But if you do decide to continue with the pregnancy I think you'll find a lot of support here at Mothering. Let us know how you're doing. 
I'd be glad to get the October 2014 DDC set up. Thanks for volunteering to be a coleader, writermama12. Do you know of anyone else willing to colead? We need two leaders to get started.
Taximom, please edit your post to remove the personal remark directed at teacozy. 
Welcome Diane2013! So glad to have you join our community! Where are you originally from?
Bumping up for input. Where are all the Huntingdon county  area members? Let's hear from you!
Welcome mama love! I totally understand the hesitancy to be active on a website. It's always a challenge for a busy mama to find time for such things. But we can surely use voices like yours in the Mothering Community. Maybe you could visit once a week and participate wherever you benefit the most and share some of your mama wisdom too. 
Welcome isaStar! I'm so sorry you're facing this decision. Have you expressed your concerns about the esposure to your midwife and the PCP? Maybe they can explain the concerns and need that can help you make your decision easier.     Also. I highly recommend you join your Due Date Club here at Mothering. Women due the same month as you share experiences, advice and support all the way through pregnany.  You'll find there...
Bumping for input. Anyone in Canada with some recommendations to share?
Hi bedavis and welcome to Mothering! Are you giving your children anything for their symptoms?    I think it's very possible that your little one picked up a virus, recovered from it and then picked up whatever his siter has. Part of childhood is developing immunity through self-limiting illnesses like colds and the flu.    If it is ongoing for many weeks then I'd certainly say a visit to your health care provider is in order. 
Did you take your thyroid medication the day of your test? Just wondering if that might influence the results.    Check this page out for more info on lab values. Also, Stop The Thyroid Madness has gotten some great reviews. It was recommended to me by a doctor this past summer who works a lot with thyroid patients in his practice. Hope it helps!
New Posts  All Forums: