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 It's something that is demonstrated through your posting in the forum.  You're welcome. :)  I'm not sure what discussion you are referring to so I can't respond to this in particular.  That would be a good forum to have some discussion directly with midwives. But it should not turn into a discussion to attack individuals or be posting with a pure anti-homebirth of anti-midwifery agenda.   I think one of the issues here is that different people use different sources of...
Everyone might want to review our recently revised guidelines for the forum. If there are violations please do flag and report posts. We'll take care of them. 
BlueMonday I have set you as the Roll Call thread OP so you can edit that now. I assume "Breezy" is MamaBear7. I'll enable her as a group leader now. Thanks mamas!!
If it was an obvious typo I'd expect a correction by edit to be done, if not an apology.    It seems there are some really intense personal stabs going on between some members and some teaming up to pit one side against the other. You all know this is happening and have been contacted multiple times about abiding by the rules of polite and comfortable discussion, even in debate. From this point forward we will be removing members from discussions and from forum access as...
BlueMonday has graciously offered to share leadership of the November 2014 DDC but would really appreciate a coleader to help her out. Sharing the leadership makes it really easy so it would be great to have someone join her. Anyone? 
Your DDC is in need of a group leader (or two or three if you wish!). Basically your task is to just keep an eye on things and contact me or AdinaL if there are any problems. As well, a leader maintains the Roll Call thread which I can set you to be the OP of so that you have edit privileges.    Other than that it's pretty much just being a participating member, posting to support and share experiences with your DDCers.    If you're interested in serving as a leader...
jenjy, we're hoping for the best and thinking of you.  Please keep us posted. 
We are in need of a few moderators to join the moderation team. Your responsibilities would be helpful posting, welcoming members, intervening when things get a bit touchy or out of line in a discussion, and a few odds and ends of management tasks. Interested? Send us a PM (Cynthia Mosher or AdinaL) and we'll be glad to answer any questions you have and consider you! 
serenbat and pers, I have restricted you both from this thread as you seem unable to follow the guidelines of the forum: 
Hi Chance. Thanks for sharing your initiative with the Mothering Community. Your introductory post is fine here and a good way to let people know what you are trying to do. Looks like a great project! I'll be in touch to see what we can do to help you spread the word. 
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