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Welcome MountainMist! So glad to have you join the community! I think you'll like it around here once you get a feel for the place and the get to know the members a bit more. Definitely join your Due Date Club! 
Very true. 
Very cool. Thanks for sharing Leah. 
Welcome amylboro. Looking forward to reading it!
Welcome to Mothering! I would LOVE to see that video! I certainly hope you find a copy. 
Hi Annie! Just thought I'd bump your post up for attention. Anyone have a recommendation to share?
Congratulations to our Baby Shower Giveaway winners Wildflower and erigeron! You have both won a a prize set from MiracleBlanket.com -  a Miracle Blanket and a Miracle Sounds Two Disc Baby Sleep CD from Miracle Blanket. Total value of each is over $55.00!   A huge thank you goes to Miracle Blanket for sponsoring our Baby Shower. Thank you all for playing the games and wonderful baby wishes to you all! 
Might try SitterCity.com I have friends who have used people through that site. 
Maybe try one of the local colleges or other learning institutions? They might have a large room they could rent out. 
Anyone have a recommendation to share?
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