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Bumping this b/c we're headed to Okinawa, too...  
Welcome! We're an Army family in Ft. Bliss. Glad you were able to find MDC!
Samantha~ I want your hummus recipe! After I get through this gallon of hummus I still have We checked movies out at the library & I talked to ds about how we're doing that vs. renting now. Cancelled Netflix. I've listed a BUNCH of clothes FS (PM me if you'd like the link ) & some other things we're not going to be using. Dd needed STILL more wipes, so they will be made from another jersey pillow case.
Mainly at the dining room table, butt when we read, I'll read in the bedroom all snuggled up, & that's part of our learning time. Too, in the kitchen for experiments & cooking.
Quote: One thing you could do to integrate more animals / biology into your studies is to use the maps you have as a jumping off poing for finding out about animals in different parts of the world. You could start with those in your neighborhood, and expand to different regions of the world. What a great idea! We are lightly doing Five in a Row. This week is "The Glorious Flight." We learned about France w. Madeline & it picked back up on it w....
I had thought so, too Tiredx2. I did a search & here's some for starters...
Quote: or if you cant bear to do it buy those plastic bags you can suck the air out and then hide it lol, at least its much smaller in those! Ooo, we have these- unused, too . mum2be~ my bro & sil are cosleeping (yaay!!!), so alas, they have no use for it, either thanks for all the great ideas & the empathy. i think it will be held on to via the vacuum bags for atleast a little bit longer
Oh, I forgot that I made wipes for dd using a jersey pillow case, too. REALLY wanted to buy some cute WAHM ones, though.
Um... got one of those dh's here We have company coming the day after tomorrow for the weekend & I'm like the house is a mess! He doesn't think so : I love him to pieces, though
Ds's crib set is in dd's closet b/c I can't part w. it. My mom made it before ds was born (although he never used it b/c he was never in the crib ). I feel like I should atleast keep the quilt. How do you all part w. things you know you'll NEVER use again (we're done having kids), but feel sentimental?
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