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At 3, play is the absolute best way to learn, but to be honest, all he needs to be doing at age 3 IS play. Learning is definitely not a necessity at this age and trying to make him learn may only cause problems further down the line. Just let him play and don't worry, he will definitely learn as he goes!  
Way too early to be expecting a child to write or read. If a child does want to learn things that early, you will know it. If they don't, it's really no big deal. Let him play, let him have fun. There is plenty of time for formal learning in school.
Wow.. My son just started 6th grade and his start time is 9:30 am. Granted he doesn't get off the bus to come home till 4:20. I thought this was the norm for MS ( I know HS kids are very early.. so I guess around here it's HS, ES and then MS?)  
Additionally, once she wasn't interested in them any longer, they could be passed on to your younger daughter, so they would still get some use out of them I think.  
Yes, my daughter is the same way. She's 6 now and her two bottom teeth fell out like 6 weeks ago and the two new teeth are still barely halfway thru. But it happens eventually!  
Maybe make that part of the routine? Pj's, read a book, be silly for 5 minutes then quiet.   My DD (6) is similar to this. I found if I allowed her to get the silly out, joke, make funny noises, tickle... for a few extra minutes, she was more willing to quiet down when it was quiet time.   Just a thought, I am not sure it would work for every kid.  
I realize it is your personal goal to own every stuffed animal ever created but I said NO. Asking me please 75 times will NOT change my answer. Pouting and crossing your arms will not change my answer. Threatening to never love me anymore is NOT GOING TO CHANGE MY ANSWER.   And for god's sake please stop asking the neighbor kids for THEIR stuffed animals. Everytime you come home with something in your hands I cringe...
147.0 even. I would have liked to have done better absolutely. I may join in another round, not sure yet.
147.1 this week. Sorry so late.. its been one of those days...  
I'd probably ask her to try it first and tell me what she thought. Since that's 99.9% likely not to happen, it probably wouldn't get brought up again over here.   However otherwise, I wouldn't even respond or acknowledge I heard it. She wanted a reaction from you and she got one. It's completely typical 3 yr old behavior. Ignoring it is probably your best option (unless you wanna try my 1st suggestion, but I'd only do that if you KNOW she won't actually attempt to do...
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