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Just bumping this up. My child is just getting this testing and I would love to hear more from people with kiddos working on EF.
Get away from him, let him go. Move somewhere you can do it on your own and get your support from friends and family.   Right now, you can get away from someone who is mean to you, who doesn't want a child, and you can't work with. Raise the child on your own, and let him be with her/ him if he approaches you or wants to. Right now, he is just a sperm donor and YOU are going to have a baby. Focus on that and love that new life inside you.
I would really recommend getting a FBA to find out what drives the biting behavior.   They will observe for hours and then get objective data on what comes right before and right after the behavior. Then you will get a behavior plan out of that. A good behavior plan based of a well done FBA helps you know what to do (and not to do) in response to the behavior. More importantly, then you can over-teach the correct behavior to helps the child get what they want or need.
I feel very fortunate I got him into treatment at 4-5 years old. He did an extra year of pre-k in the morning with autism support and then I did therapies at home or in the community with him in the afternoon.   Without that he would have not be able to be in the mix as much as he is. He still is out of the mainstream at times, but has so many lovely moments of connection and being part of things also.   Good luck to you...Deep breathes, and don't worry too...
The ADO testing has a series of items designed to test interactive play and responsiveness. For example, they released the air from a balloon, and saw if the child engages jointly with the tester about its "flight" They asked social questions and checked responses.     The test alone won't determine the diagnosis though. The history the doctor takes will be important too. For example, with my son the doctor was particularly sure that early childhood things mattered a...
That works best for me. Also recognizing the need/ desire underlying the behavior and saying "You can't do ....but you may...." The short positively stated command/ redirection to what is appropriate.
I make a big chili on Sunday with roasted veggies in it, then eat it straight over rice the first night, in burritos with avocado another and then with eggs one morning.   I do salmon burgers with roasted Brussels sprouts or steamed broccoli.   I also will make my own pizza with the dough ready made from the store, and top it with veggies and fill the other side of the plate with a salad.   ~Those three things get me through the week with one night of eating...
The school is recommending one for my 8 yr. old son after some extremely aggressive language Monday morning (as he returned to school home from his Dad's; he spends some weekends there). He is on the spectrum, very verbal, i.e. Asperger's.   Have you had a clinical psych eval  done, what did it entail? What are the risks and benefits of it? Does it make sense to have the school do it?
I think it is a good idea. Wandering/ bolting when anxious is common for kids on all parts of the spectrum (mine has quite mild Asd and still does it a few times a year). I keep a great eye on him but still worry when he with other people who may not expect it as it happens only rarely. On field trips or in a new setting, I try to get the day off to go along. Alone he may or may not be able to get the help he needs to get back home.   A more severely impaired child...
My son also couldn't go to sleep without me until about 5. I got alone time during the day, coffee while my mom played with my son at my house 5 min away. Even with your cell on, and being so cloze by, it was worth the break.
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