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Havent posted a lot on here but I read every day :)  Wanted to announce the arrival of our little guy: Jacob Bruce, 8lbs 8oz, born at home 12 days "late" after an intense 6 hour labor.Whew! Had my membranes stripped at 2 pm, started labor at 2 cm about an hour later, baby in arms by 9 p.m.:) Congrats to everyone on their little ones and hugs to those waiting! 
41 weeks, 5 days here.  The other 4 all came no later than 40 weeks, 1 day so this has been a surprise. Did the breast pump last night for 2 hours, taking a labor tonic, and our midwife is coming over at 1 to sweep my membranes. I really hate to rush rush things but I'm facing having to transfer care from our midwife to an OB. Really hoping that my chances for a third VBAC aren't being flushed down the toilet :(   
Here's my info: Octanebeetle--Wendy 11/11  Baby #5, 3rd HBAC     Thanks for adding me :)
Waaaaaaaaaahhhhhh! Me too :( Baby feels like it's about to fall out since yesterday so maybe that means something. Walking is killing me.  
  Ha--we have the same due date, also Baby #5. Similarly, I can feel the baby's head but still some fluid between the head and cervix. I've had pink discharge since Monday and contrax that come and go, mostly in the evening and at night. My contrax are much stronger if I am lying down or sitting--I wonder if that means they are more effective while sitting/lying?  I just keep hoping labor will kick in and take off. I've never gone this much "overdue" and this is getting...
Oh you are so right. We started leaving our cel phones outside the bedroom and turning the ringer off of our house phone many years ago because we were sick of getting woken up on the weekend. Drives me crazy. She doesn't call early like that much anymore...but a grandchild due at any moment is apparently grounds (in her eyes) to resume the pre-sunrise calls. 
Haha--I could have written this myself. I made DH read a few of everyone's posts so he could see that it's not just me who doesn't like being incessantly bothered with "Where is Baby?" Today I just quit answering texts and phone calls because I can't stand it anymore. I have said over and over again "We will let you know when we have news." and I don't know how much more clear I can make it. MIL texts or calls every.morning.before.7 and then at least two more times...
Popping in to say that I usually don't grow much past 38 weeks myself and with every baby except for this one I have measuerd "small" for most of the pregnancy. Try to drink a lot of water in the days before your u/s to help avoid falling into the "low fluid level" group which might land you an induction (or recommendation of one, you don't have to do it of course).  A lot of times if you show no growth by measurement it means the baby has dropped lower.    
Hooray!! congratulations! She is beautiful!!
I wasn't particularly worried about sickness with my first couple of babies...until my third child at 3 weeks old came down with a 102 fever and had to have a spinal tap, multiple blood draws, catheterized for urine, and IV antibiotics for 48 hours (with a blown IV in there to boot). Now THAT experience has made me a total raving mad germaphobe when it comes to newborns. And this was my July baby. I don't plan on taking my kids to pretty much any place that isn't...
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