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I would. Christmas is (for me) a time to treat loved ones to special gifts above the ordinary. And reading is a wonderful cause to support & splurge on...(Also if she doesn't want to re-read or keep in her personal library--you can resell the books and get some of the $ back)
Reading & enjoying this thread...
I am brand new to ww but considering it as a tool to help me drop  some much needed lbs. I stepped on the scale for the first time in months and I nearly fainted--ouch.
Watching this thread-- In my experience sun exposure helps--vitamin D Haven't tried a specific creme--but will consider now...
Absolutely horrendous .... Not sure how true the story is, but disturbing none the less
I like Fedco----Johnnys and Territorial seed
Not sure about the glass issue--but just to be safe on the lead issue--you can buy a little lead test kit from hardware store--swab it on wood/ paint and it gives instant result by turning color if lead present--- Happy gardening!
Cilantro looks much like flat parsley-- Culantro looks more like dandelion leaves--or small hearts of romaine--long --oval like--I have never bought and cooked w. culantro--I know it's big in the carribbean...
I just bought a big one--tree shape---and it was a bit $$--so I really need it to stay alive. Going to put it in my sunniest window--which also tends to be coldest as it's upstairs and my office/ art studio--so I don't heat it all of the winter...just as needed. My fingers are crossed.....I can do this!!!
This is just what I need to be reading to motivate myself....2 hours..wow! I better get on the ball...no wonder I am always way behind.......
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