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I had pre-eclampsia, so my actual birth was pretty sucky. But I have to say, I had one labor and delivery nurse that was fantastic. All my postpartum care nurses were fine, but one - who had nursed twins - was out of this world. I think if you have a birth plan, a doula, and you know to ask for the Lactation Consultant right away, a birth at Magee is nothing to be worried about. I personally don't think they deserve the "baby factory" remarks that they get.
Wow, I can think of a lot of things to snark on Robin about, but her parenting is not one of them. Every time they've had Dr Sears on, she seems very into what they're saying, and when Dr Phil said something stupid about babies and sleep, she spoke up and said she never, ever let her boys cry, ever. And I don't think you can judge a person for a decision she made to formula feed well over twenty years ago. I know plenty of people who would do differently had they had...
Do you knit? There's a pattern for burp clothes in the Mason Dixon Knitting book. They're inexpensive and quick to make and work like nobody's business.
What I thought was interesting is that they didn't go "ew" or "why would you do that?" or tell her it would be too hard to pump and be on the show. They were refreshingly matter of fact about it.
Quote: Do the babes "know" they are with someone different and he'll be ok for one night??? I think so. My mom has more often than not been able to get my son to sleep and eat with a different routine than I might use. And by all means, show her how to use the sling if she's interested in trying it. Have fun on your evening out!
Quote: I like to meet with a client in person at least 3 times before the birth(depending on how close to due date I become her doula), more if needs be. The contract I signed with my doula specified how many times we would meet at minimum and everything else I could expect from her.
It seems to me that the best approach, if you really want to get her away from Babywise, is to find the things about BW that appeal to her and replace it with a different method that isn't, well, cruel, crazy, and based in no medical or child development knowledge whatsoever. For example, a PP mentioned Ferber denouncing the Ezzos. If it's sleep she's having a problem with, Ferber is against any kind of sleep training for at least 6 months and tells the parents to...
Do you read the Ask Moxie blog? She did pretty much the same thing - slept on the couch while her husband took care of the nightwakings - and it worked well for her. I'm so glad you got some sleep!
Iwent to a major OB/GYN practice gave birth in a large maternity hospital gave my name and address to Motherhood Maternity had a subscription to Parents (or Parenting, I can never keep them straight) was on the mailing list for Gerber, Pampers, and Huggies and other than the hospital bag, the only sample or coupon came when my son was 10 months old and a can of that toddler formula arrived.
I understand what you're saying, and the irony of it is that I think some ways of promoting breastfeeding as "bonding" contributes to that problem. I have to say, my husband has given our son most of his baths and they've bonded so much over that. My husband is fully engaged with the baby during this time....and frankly, when I nursed, especially during those long newborn nursing sessions, I was watching tv or reading, which is hardly bonding!
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