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Our son is on Concerta and had some problems with insomnia as well.  Something that seems to really work for him is to wake him at 6 to take his medicine and then let him drift back off.  His bedtimes are much happier now, plus we have a set bedtime ritual--warm bath, warm milk with honey and vanilla, and a little scalp massage.  He conks right out.
You sound very worried, so the first thing you ought to do is have a thorough evaluation of your DD.  I think that you can ask for one through the public school, since she will be old enough to start kindergarten this fall. She is still very young, though, and a lot of things like ADHD and Asperger's are hard to diagnose in kids that young.  But you are worried, and I think you ought to have the little one evaluated, if for no other reason than to help your own fears.  A...
My son was just like this. We just let him be, and when he felt confident enough to do it, he did it, but not for a few years. Not all kids develop physically at the same rate. If you are concerned, talk to his doctor.
He is the perfect age for a truck like that and he will play with it for years. My son has trucks he got when he was a toddler and he still plays with them occasionally (he is 9 now.)
What a wierd thing for the teacher to get all het up over. She needs to have some real problems.
Breastfeeding is a relationship, and there are two people in that relationship. Enforcing breastfeeding manners is paramount so that you aren't feeling angry and resentful. If the child twiddles, she gets unlatched and put down. Believe me, they are veeery smart and they get it quickly--you twiddle, you don't get to nurse!
Chain letters don't deserve the dignity of a response. Toss it in the recycling without a second thought.
Put her in her room and ignore it. Just don't give in, whatever you do.
Part of the problem is also her age. Six is a difficult age--they are really starting to get a feel for rules, and there is a lot of testing limits, drama, and acting out. Fortunately, it gets better when they turn seven.
We absolutely limit computer game time. Our son gets half an hour a day IF he has earned it through good behavior. He is not the sort of kid that is good at self-regulating, and I think he could quickly become addicted so we definitely set limits. He used to kick up a fuss when we would tell him his time was up, so we asked him if he would prefer the computer limiting him itself. We have parental controls on the computer that automatically logs him out after his half...
New Posts  All Forums: