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I had a homebirth with my twins it was fabulous. I would also ask how many weeks you would have to reach before s/he'd come to your birth, and what the protocol is for postpartum haemorrhage. Oh and how many PP visits she does.
Happy to hear that you have your babies home, it's fabulous news.
Great pictures of beautiful girls.
Thinking of you, and hoping your baby is well soon and home with her family.
Thinking of you all.
Congratulations and welcome to the world little ones.
I think sometimes when they are still infants you don't realise how much more 'work' it is until you only have one to look after, usually because you're so busy just doing it.
What a beautiful and inspiring birth story. Thanks for sharing it with us.
Congratulations and welcome little ones. I hope you're feeling much better really soon.
Congratulations and welcome little babies, it sounds like they are doing great. I hope you get to take them home very soon.
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