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Thanks Cynthia! :) I hope so too!  It would be nice to talk more with others who won't judge us for how we are choosing to live. We've been coming across way too many people who are judging us on being in a travel trailer.  
Thanks for the reply.. I still in got some sodium ascorbate throughout the day and he's on the healing end of his pox. :) He was covered in pox, I'm Soooo Happy he's feeling better and going through the tail end of them! 
We (hubby and I) are currently living in a travel trailer with one teen, a 7yr old and a puppy.  It's been an experience but I actually like the cozy feeling. We sold just about everything before moving into the TT, and put what little we wanted to keep in a small storage unit.  Soon after this summer, we'll be downsizing what is in the storage in hopes of having even less. :)   My son has been doing wonderfully in the TT, my teen though, hates it.   We live on a...
I would wonder if you could have a hernia in that area since surgery and its now beginning to be noticed? It's just a thought because I ended up with a hernia from my gall bladder surgery. It wouldn't hurt to keep on trying to get a hold of your doctor.  Good luck!
Thank you once again, Kathy. :)  I truly appreciate your replies. He woke up this morning completely covered, so hopefully he will get through this without too much more discomfort.  He's had a mild fever for the past couple days as well and I just don't want to really suppress it unless if it goes too high. If he gets the headache, I'll give some acetaminophin if needed.  I've also got the vit c coming in through out the day.:)
Thanks Kathy for your reply.  My little guy is 7 years old.  I've been watching him very carefully as he seems to have very irritated eyes since day one.  He's been blinking hard, so any other symptom worries me.   He hasn't said anything more about having a headache, so that's good.  We've been able to skip the acetaminophin so far.  I just hope that if it comes down to it, he'll be okay if he did have some.
My son says he's got a headache now and I read somewhere saying it isn't good to give tylenol (definitely not ibuprofin of course) when they have the pox.. Is that so?  It's bad enough he's itchy and a little achy. 
My son has chicken pox and I read that Sodium Ascorbate can help him. I just don't know what the dosage should be.   My little guy is 7yrs old and a little over 60lbs.
Thank you very much.  I guess I could have been more specific with my question since it was my son who was going to play with a little friend with chicken pox.
Any ideas to help get a better exposure?:)
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