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So, Ive been away. A lot.   I got divorced and moved back home to missouri and found myself a single parent of a newly diagnosed diabetic three year old. We thought he was autistic, we had an official diagnosis and treatment set up, then came the t1 diagnosis and bam, speaking in sentences and being incredibly social.   Its been a year and his numbers look great, we are mostly under control, but absolutely can. not. potty. train. this. kid.   Every technique...
We got the dx for Klaus mouse yesterday for type 1 diabetes. My brain is absolutely fried with information, starting a new job, and having him being 1500 miles away for his first month with exhub (We are still going through divorce process). Cant figure out if this is the right place or not, having trouble w/search. Can anyone give me a hand here? :( Looking for like minded mamas to talk to through this heavily medicalized issue. Kinda freakin' out.
Whoooaaa been a while since Ive been on MDC. Need to update that sig. LOL
My ex husband is taking K for the first time on his own in two days and still hasn't found childcare. Looks like I'm going to have to do it (grumble, grumble). I can't afford sittercity and am scared of craigslist. He will be 3 in march, is unvaxed, intact, and not potty trained... he was behind for a long while and in autism programmes but he has basically caught up. I'm trying to do this from Missouri and not sure where to start... help? :(
Hi mamas. Im in St. Louis (Hazelwood) for vacation and brought my lactina but forgot my kit (duh) and cant find anywhere that sells the tubing unless in an entire kit. I wont be saving milk (LO is 2.5) so if anyone has a used kit they dont mind giving away, or if you have a whole pump that you dont mind loaning to me for 9 days or so, please email me! Im shezasilverstar at aol.com .. Already have a hot lump and hand expressing isnt going so well. D:
Thanks, that helps a lot
Ive seen people sign milk as though they are milking a cow.. but doing it toward their nipple. However, Ive heard this can be offensive? Depends on you I guess. Or just make up a sign.
Thank you mamas for making me take note to build my cabinets to the ceiling in any future homes. LOL
I know that logically I should be proud, we overcame every single hardship.. inverted and flat nipples and weaning from a shield, 10 days in NICU, 10 days in PICU pumping the whole time, clogged ducts, PPD, oh god the thrush, all on top of the fibro... and made it this far. But in the end when Im thinking to myself, its not even selflessness, its just something I did because I had to and I feel like I still HAVE to nurse him. I just couldnt nurse him again tonight and...
Quote: Originally Posted by tanyam926 I carry an all natural one from Whole Foods that comes in spray form for those rare situations when it is necessary, but I prefer to wash my hands or just deal w/germs. Ditto. I will use it if handwashing isn't available and I'm in a highly public place or an animal-y place, but as soon as I can I wash my hands with soap and water.
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