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Must have had a lot of bakeries.
Oh, a couple of my kids have gone to 2 year-old programs, but it very much depends on the temperment of the child. It's only a few hours, but esp. for Batsheva, she really needed it. She turned 3 in Oct. of last year and she is one of the younger kids of a brood and used to lots of action. When everyone would head off to school, it was boring for her after a while. We still had afternoons for some mommy-time, but she loves going to school in the AM for some...
Somehow I got unsubbed. Grr. I also have a kid in public school this year, but b/c he was insistant and determined to sabotage any effort to send him elsewhere. NCSY has a texted based Sunday school here that is accredited and the kids get HS credit. I bet they have something like that in your area too.
Quote: Originally Posted by merpk Hey there! You thought I wouldn't notice, eh?
I'm back from camp and back to work. How is everyone?
Quote: Originally Posted by Faliciagayle ice cream comes from milk but you can have parve "ice cream" as in tofuti cuties. Is Romanian a NY store? I thought there was something like beef fry (MIL made it for me) but I can't seem to find it on line. and, although I won't eat it, I hear most "bacon bits" are heckschered....? Sorry - Romanian is in Chicago and I meant that TIkva could find it there. How far are you from Chicago? Most "bacon...
You've never heard of "beef fry" or similar? It's kosher "bacon", smoked meat that can be fried up like bacon. Take a trip down to Romanian - they carry it.
Quote: Originally Posted by tikva18 WHY was that her business? I can think of many reasons you might discuss it with a HCP. Like establishing why you could be *less* pregnant, but not more. Or why you have a better idea of when you actually conceived.
Quote: Originally Posted by umsami Personally, we usually make this recipe from "The Best Light Recipe" (which is super rich nonetheless). That looks really good. Thanks!
The first link takes me to the facebook homepage. I'm guessing you can't see it if you aren't your facebook friend. It looks yummy.
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