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I'm in Rome, too. We are also looking into switching pediatricians. I've heard dr. Miniyar is okay with delayed/selective vax. FYI Harbin has a policy against non vaxers. Hope that helps. Please let me know if you find another suitable doctor!
From what I can see they did a little PR work but never actually apologized to the mother. It's a shame.
I don't post much, mostly lurk tons. But, this fires me up & I just couldn't sit on it. I know this girl & am so saddened that she was so blatantly disrespected & dehumanized. Anybody live nearby who is still nursing? http://www.myfoxatlanta.com/story/19576166/restaurant-manager-calls-cops-on-breast-feeding-mother#.UFjrPiofzXQ.facebook
This thread is very helpful! I'm making my list right now.
Ahhh, its interesting you ask that! I'm fried. I came here looking for something too. Perhaps encouragement, maybe comisseration. I teach first grade in a very low income and low parent involvement school. At home I have two girls; one is four in September and the other will be two in November. Dh is frequently out of town for his AMAZING (though non-profit) job. School in general wears me out such that I am unable to care for my kids the way I'd like. This...
With the exception of #s 6-10 my situation is akin to yours. Though Dh is out of town nearly every weekend spring/summer/fall. Its been over three years and two babies since I've been able to see straight. I teach first grade full-time, co-sleep, ext. bf, and try really hard to be "present" each evening/weekend. With dd1 I even did cloth diapers. I ABSOLUTELY, ONLY do it because dh is supportive AND we have a timely exit strategy. This is no way to live. I do...
Spring water...is all we do. My 2.5 yo. loves water and often prefers it.
Quote: Originally Posted by liberal_chick The only things I bought especially for nursing were bras and tanks. I just wear a tank under my shirt; the tank goes down and the shirt goes up so it really does give good coverage. I have about 3 nursing bras and 2 tanks (although I'd like to have about 3 more of those so I'm not washing all the time). That's what I do! And I have quite a collection of tank tops--different colors, styles, sizes,...
You're not alone. I could've written that post!
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