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1.25 cups of baking soda along with your usual amount of detergent for a full load. Use less baking soda and detergent for a smaller load.
Bath rings and gunk is usually soap scum from hard water that isn't rinsing properly. Try adding baking soda to your free and clear when you do laundry and see if that helps (toss it in the water first and then add laundry). Start out with 1 and 1/4 cup of baking soda and see if that helps.
Shannon - I'm here, whatcha need about peroxide? Coconut oil is weird. It's moisturizing and drying at the same time. It feels like it tightens my skin in some places and moisturizes in others. It's never a scaly kind of dry, just a tightening dry and there's no waxy or greasy barrier, it just kinda,...soaks in and you don't see it anymore! I like it though - but for areas I need special attention, like face or hands, I add some extra lotion, cocoa butter or oils.
Try Oxygen Bleach, like Oxyclean - there's no chlorine bleach in it, just Sodium carbonate and sodium percabonate, which makes hydrogen bubbles to blast stains. There's a little bit of detergent in it, but it's all eco-friendly. I would soak all your stuff in hot water and oxygen bleach first overnight and then wash them in hot water and additional oxygen bleach.
I've always had the Oil of Olay - the SPF is a bonus and it's moisturizing for me without making me break out. Were you referring to not using tea tree oil or coconut oil? Your post has a typo on it I was going to come back and add, I think tea tree oil is irritating to those with rosacea, but normal skin and acne-prone skin people can use it.
Club soda is probably neutral or slightly basic pH. In fact, a lot of club sodas are made with water and some sodium bicarbonate (baking soda). Carbonated water, however, may have an acidic pH. I'm sure the bubbles (carbon dioxide and hydrogen bubbles) are what blast stains out, like oxygen cleaners do (it's an unstable hydrogen molecule that goes crazy and blasts away stains). See if it works together great - otherwise you can use them separately. I've heard of...
Tums isn't a bad choice for pregnant moms actually, it's a solid choice. It's just calcium carbonate - the same stuff that's in some chalk, some cleaners, and in toothpastes and even in some calcium supplements. It's not harmful at all.
Actually, weight gain causes all kinds of bizzare issues -- of course there are the obvious ones like high blood pressure and heart risks, but it does stupid things to your skin because weight gain messes with your hormones sometimes. This is true of PCOS and insulin resistance. Also, weight gain typically comes from fatty and/or starchy, non-nutritious foods. Starchy and simple carbohydrates (white flour, white pasta, white sugar) foods are notorious for skin issues.
You could do that if you wanted a one-time application, but I would think that your club soda would go flat in a regular spray bottle over time. But your concern of mixing them - no, no toxic fumes or magical nastiness would occur if you mixed them. You can keep a diluted vinegar and EO mixture for your mirrors, countertops, and tub. Vinegar tends to eat grout if it's too strong, so I try using OxyClean on my grout in the tub. Works SUPER well on grout. The sealant is...
I second the Shea or Cocoa butter. I'm a fan of coconut oil, but I don't find that it has a protective waxy barrier like cocoa/shea or Eucerine does. The waxiness is what locks moisture in. Coconut oil just soaks into skin and makes your skin feels tighter (even though it's not really the typical 'dry' like chapping or flaking dry, it makes it feel dry). Coconut oil is great for the summer so you won't feel so greasy or hot.
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